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Democratic-Aligned End Citizens United’s Contributions Projected To Grow

End Citizens United is a Democratic-aligned political action committee which borrowed its name from the 2010 Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling. That particular decision gave political action committees the power to collect and spend unlimited funds. The group made total contributions of four million U.S Dollars in the 2016 elections, and they are expected significantly raise that amount to thirty-five million by the time Congress elections are held in mid-2018.


End Citizens United has a large donor base from which collections are drawn from. Their number of donors seems to grow by the day, and in the 2016 elections, they received contributions from almost forty-thousand new donors. The group has also picked momentum since the Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to President Trump leaving not only Democrats furious but also liberal groups. In End Citizens United, these unhappy people were given an opportunity to gain recognition and solicit for their shared values.


The group has a vision of championing for reforms in the Congress by financing political campaigns. In the past, political action committees discriminated against donors who contributed less by favoring donors who made substantial contributions. In End Citizens United, these previously discontented donors now have a platform to air their grievances. The committee has been an active critic of President Trump’s agenda and policies particularly his choice for the Supreme Court judge position.


End Citizens United has had an outstanding impact in seeking collections for Democratic election contestants over the recent past. In particular, the committee successfully implored donors to vote for Jon Ossoff who was eying a seat in Atlanta left vacant by a Republican selected to the cabinet. Despite Ossoff being a first-time political contestant, he surprised many by raising a massive four million dollars for his campaigns. The group also did a tremendous job during the 2016 election, and their contributions were among the highest among Democratic-sided groups.


Tiffany Muller, the political action committee’s president and executive director recently intimated that the group is yet to decide on which candidates to support in the 2018 midterm elections. He, however, expressed their readiness in supporting some of the current Democratic Senators specifically the incumbent senators of Ohio and Montana. End Citizens United is run as a traditional political action committee, and individual contributions of over five-thousand dollars are not accepted.


Political activist committees play an immense role in raising funds for the political sides they are affiliated to. Despite undertaking their first full cycle of operation just in 2016, End Citizens United has done a spectacular job by raising funds for the Democratic Party and candidates vying on the party ticket. Projections have further suggested that the group has the potential of increasing more in the midterm 2018 Congress election.