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Unforgettable Incidence

We Can Win the War against Racism with Mindsets Similar to That of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are heroes of the campaign against human rights violations and other atrocities that undermine civil liberty. No one can take that from them, not with the kind of mindset they possess. These men are accomplished fellow in their chosen profession, which happens to be journalism.

They are not beggars looking for means to enlarge their bank accounts. Creativity and innovation is part of their make-up. Both co-founded two renown organizations, Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

The world was gifted with the opportunity of seeing the mindsets of Lacey and Larkin through an unforgettable incidence. These men were just doing their journalism routine when they caught up with facts detailing atrocities perpetrated by a well-known public figure, County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It was a case of blatant violations of the rights of innocent citizens. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Both men could not bear keeping mute knowing about massive criminal acts as such, so they let the cat out of the bag to ensure that the culprit face the music of the law and to serve as deterrents to other wicked individuals.

The County got to know who blew the whistle, and he fiercely went after them. At the dead of the night, he sent men to bundle them out of their home and severely maltreated them, but Lacey and Larkin refused to call it quit.

They the County to court, precisely the United State Court of Appeal with a $3.75 million demand for all inhumane treatments they suffered. The court judgment went the way of Lacey and Larkin and the County had to cough out the money as a result.

Critics and detractors could not wait to know what these two noble men will do with the money before bearing their mind on the whole issue concluding that Lacey and Larkin deserve no praise or emulation. To them, the goal of these journalists was to get as much money as is possible from the County.

Unknown to them, the two gentlemen had already concluded with what to do with the money even before victory was declared in court – to distribute it to human right groups in Arizona and its environs. By the time they got wind of what the money will be used for, many have them made a roundabout turn joining the ever increasing fans-base of Lacey and Larkin.

Lessons abound for all human right activists including those at the forefront of the campaign against racism and discriminations against colored people. The monster called racism is biting deeper and deeper into the fiber of the society by the day. In the world of sport, it is evident. The electoral processes of many countries are bedeviled by this monster.

Only men and women with the resilience, selflessness and magnanimity of Lacey and Larkin can guarantee victory. Groups such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) must inculcate these values in their members if they truly want to live up to expectations.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Launch New Organizations

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin began their career together and have went through good times and bad. When they purchased the Phoenix New Times, it was certainly a high point of their life; when they finally parted ways with Phoenix New Times it was shrouded in controversy.


They sold the Phoenix New Times after they received a $3.75 million dollar settlement. The settlement stemmed from an incident they went through with Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio didn’t like the things being published about him in the Phoenix New Times so he had them arrested: a clear violation of the first amendment.


The result of the corrupt sheriff’s actions was ultimately the foundation of two new companies. With the settlement money, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were able to create Front Page Confidential and The Frontera Fund.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are back to doing what they do best with Front Page Confidential: exposing corrupt politicians. Now that Joe Arpaio has been on the campaign trail for U.S. Senate, the citizens of the United States need someone who will work to keep Joe Arpaio out of office.


The Frontera Fund is different than Front Page Confidential. The Frontera Fund does publish some content on its web page, but it is primarily information pertaining to immigration. This information is meant to provide immigrants with all the necessary reading material they need. The Frontera Fund also provides support to dozens of charitable organizations in and around Arizona.



Organizations that advocate for civil,human and immigrant’s rights

Many non-governmental organizations have been in the forefront in advocating for civil, human and migrants’ rights. The organizations target the people who have fallen victims of discrimination acts such as racial profiling. The victims are educated about their rights and the legal recourse to pursue.

Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights under Law

The organization is a non-partisan and non-profit group which was formed in 1963 as requested by former USA President John F. Kennedy. The organization is involved in advocating for civil rights aimed at eradicating racial discrimination. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

The primary goal of the committee is to fight for equal opportunities for minority groups. The committee campaigns against the elements that bring racial discrimination and economic disparity. The Lawyers’ Committee focuses on representing African Americans to obtain justice for racial discrimination acts. The other groups that are represented by the committee are racial and ethnic minorities who are usually faced with economic disparity.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The group was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to provide financial support to the organizations which are advocating for human rights of the immigrants. Michael Lacey and Jim Larking decided to use $3.75 million from the settlement after the arrest by the sheriff to fund the organizations.

The two reporters who are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times were arrested after publishing a story revolving around the sheriff. Michael Lacey and Jim Larking had earlier fought for the implementation of first amendment rights. Therefore, they sued the county and won the case. They were given $3.75 million as resettlement amount, and they have been using the fund to support the groups that fight for the human rights of the immigrants.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The organization is actively involved in advocating for human rights across the globe. Their operations are available locally, regionally and globally. The organization obtains support from volunteers and partners to improve the standards of human rights.

The reinforcement of the law is what the organization strives for so that the victims of human right injustices are represented well. The group has assisted children, women, and immigrants to obtain human rights for more than 30 years.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

The organization protects the civil and human rights of the immigrants. The group achieves its objectives by employing advocacy, outreach and litigation programs. The Supreme and District courts aids in implementing the litigation programs. The primary focus of the group is to ensure that the immigrants obtain human rights.

Mike and Jim who are the main executive members in the organization ensure that the immigrants get equal justice as stipulated by the law. They challenge the legality of laws which tend to prevent the immigrants from accessing the justice in the court of law.

The fight for the civil, human and the immigrants requires the collaborations of many non-profit organizations. Lots funds are also needed to achieve the objectives. Michael Lacey and Jim Larking are examples of individuals who have supported financially the groups that fight the rights of immigrants.

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Real Estate Business

Baltimore Real Estate Industry through the Eyes of Todd Lubar

Baltimore every now and then gets negative publicity in national news. Viewers who let this publicity skew their views on Baltimore generally fail to see the things that Baltimore has going for it. In Charm City, for instance, there are real estate opportunities that are turning heads in the real estate sector.


Today, Baltimore transforms old structures into ‘chic apartment buildings‘. Historic landmarks are also converted in the process. An illustration of this trend is the conversion of 10 Light Street ground level into a training centre and gymnasium. The historic building of the ‘Bank of America now houses one of the priciest apartments in the area.

Cost of Living

In comparison to Washington, Baltimore’s ‘cost of living’ is relatively lower. It has become the magnet for young couples and recent graduates. Indeed young professionals are buying homes here and getting job opportunities to boost their young careers. The unemployment rate continues to improve and the possibility of wage increment adds to the reason why Baltimore will continue to do well. The wage situation promises to improve and this will in turn improve the purchasing power of residents and give entrepreneurs and business developers more reason to invest in commercial infrastructure.

New Business

Startups tend to do well in Baltimore. This is the same for young professionals and families looking for a place to settle and grow roots. There is opportunity here for startups though they are in short supply due to the limitation of entrepreneurship minded folk. Under Armour is a good example of a startup that has done well in Baltimore. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Harbor East

This area has continued to draw young professionals due to its infrastructure. Condominiums are in plenty though somewhat expensive. There are new buildings coming up which will double the options for buyers. Hotels and shops looking to expand are shopping for real estate here and with this potential there is the probability of job opportunities rising.


Todd Lubar attended a Washington DC school: Sidwell Friends School. He was there between the years of ‘1977 and 1987’. His high school, in New Jersey, was Peddie School. Lubar went to Syracuse University where he earned his speech communication degree.

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