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Ancient Weapon

The Changes The Trabuco Went Through

In life, it can be found that things are popular for a time and season. Once something that is better functioning comes along the item that was once popular is no longer of use to anyone. The pattern continues in many different areas of life. The focus of this article is an ancient war machine that wouldn’t serve purpose amongst the modern weapons that are now available.

The Balancing Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that was used to distort masonry walls of the enemy. The balancing weapon is noted to have been very big and require a large number of people to operate the machine.


It is known that today weapons only require one person to operate. Some weapons do not require anyone to operate them. The balancing weapon wouldn’t fit in war now. Back then when they were popular, they said to have been built in China and taken to the Middle East according to When the weapon got into the hands of the Arabs, they saw many flaws in the weapon and modified the machine so that it would be more powerful. Once the finished with the changes that they made to the weapon they called it the Hybrid instead of the balancing.

The Arabs eventually took the Trabuco to Europe. When the Europeans saw the potential, the weapon had to aid them in the war they began buying the machines. The Europeans proceeded to use the weapons during the Crusades. The weapon fired four shots per minute which gave them an advantage over their enemies. The stones had the ability to travel. Great distance reaching the people that they had intended to attack. Although the Europeans found great use for the Trabuco, they retired after gunpowder was created and allowed them to do even more damage faster.

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Southridge Capital: Assisting Small Startups

There is a thriving industry in the United States which benefits business people and entrepreneurs alike. The rise of services that provides advisory and structure financial services are becoming in demand, because of the huge number of newcomers who wanted to start their own business. One of the companies offering these services is Southridge Capital. The financial management firm is headquartered in the state of Connecticut, and they are helping small startups, guiding them in the world of business and finance. According to the owners of these startups, the services provided by Southridge Capital is a big help, knowing that their knowledge about the real world of business is somewhat limited.



Southridge Capital is also offering training services to business owners, to provide them with the information that they need to understand, now that they are starting to become entrepreneurs. The company’s dedication to doing their job is evident in the number of previous clients who are stating that they have learned a lot after they underwent the services provided by the Southridge Capital. Because of their nature of small assistance startups, the company has been recognized multiple times by some awards-giving bodies. They are stating that the company is one of the game changers in the industry because they are sacrificing their time and effort to help the business people who are just starting with their companies. You can visit for more info.




Through the years, Southridge Capital has already invested $1.8 billion, supporting small startups and businesses all across the United States. They are happy to know that more Americans wanted to start their own business, and releasing such amount to help the business people is a great way to start raising good entrepreneurs. The contracts that are being provided by Southridge would also help the small startups to earn their money first before paying the financial firm with the debts that they made. The company has been operating for decades, but they keep on showcasing the reasons why they will still be around after a very long time. Southridge Capital was created to become the ultimate choice for business people who are asking for assistance. You can visit their facebook.


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Bottled Water Business Health and Wellness

Waiakea Volcanic Water gives you a short vacation to Hawaii

The eyes of the world are currently focused on Hawaii. The Kilauea volcano, which has been erupting since 1983 has recently become more active. At the time of writing, geologists are expecting new volcanic fissures to erupt. Homeowners near the path of the lava nervously await orders from civil defense authorities. Waiakea Volcanic Water does not come near or from the slopes of Kilauea. It comes from the slopes of Mount Loa on a different island. The slopes of Mount Loa are absent of volcanic activity, much to the relief of that island’s inhabitants.

While people are rightfully concerned about those who live on the big island of Hawaii, there are other climatological disasters, including man made ones, that people should worry about. The owner of the Waiakea company wants to make sure that its packaging is sourced from sustainable sources. Its bottles can be easily recycled, and the water comes from sustainable, organic sources.

The spring used to fill the bottles is near the extinct volcanic mountain. The basalt slopes provide a clean, drinkable product that is more than just filtered tap water. Each bottle of Waiakea Volcanic Water contains a slightly alkaline beverage that is rich in electrolytes. Drinking the product daily can prevent cramping during the summer and can help balance the body’s pH.

The benefits are one reason to drink the water, but the best reason to drink any beverage is that the consumer enjoys the taste. The same process that gives Waiakea its health benefits also gives it a unique taste. Even if someone cannot go to the tropical islands by themselves, they can do the next best thing. They can order a supply of the bottled water for themselves. One taste will take you to a sunny beach next to the ocean. It is much cheaper than taking a vacation to Hawaii.

Business CEO Cosmetics Industry Doctors Entrepreneurs Health and Beauty Health Care Firm Mark Mofid plastic surgeon

Mark Mofid Developing Implant Surgeries Much Better and Safer

Dr. Mark Mofid has an 8 year experience working towards developing specific types of surgeries for making implants safer. He is a well-known plastic surgeon in the cosmetic medical community, whom is also a well-educated and trained surgeon that gained his experience at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. Through his experience and training, Mark has has also earned trust through his marvelous reputation in the industry and his practices of medical safety when undergoing these surgical procedures.

Although many patients seek for larger implants, Mark Mofid ensures to keep safety precautions a priority with only practicing surgeries that are entirely safe oppose to taking advantage of patients who are willing to pay the price for bigger implants. To include in his safety medical procedures, Mark is continuously staying educated of ways for these medical procedures to be done in a better form with the help of his understanding of the body’s skin, fat, and muscle systems.

As Mark Mofid works to make implants safer, he developed what you would call, a superior gluteal implant. This newly formed implant is designed to be low profile and improved ratios with inner muscular positioning with the implants. To support his many experiences, training and education, Mark has also been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. These surgical practices of Mark Mofid is located in San Diego, California, within the La Jolla, Del Mar and Chula area.

Mark Mofid’s team includes his wife as she serves as the dermatologist, along with a nurse besides Mark, who is the plastic surgeon. The office also includes 4 full time front office staffs and 2 surgical technologists. Attached to their clinic is an AAASF/Medicare accredited surgery center, where they also practice laser services. Along with Mark’s practices at his location, he also serves as a surgeon at many different hospitals, including; Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and Palomar Medical Center, which are located in the San Diego and La Jolla area. Mark’s appearance has been featured in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal for his breast and facial surgeries.

Lawrence Bender’s Work on Goodwill Hunting and His Career in Film Production

Lawrence Bender is the producer of one of America’s favorite movies that, is now, a classic. The movie Good Will Hunting was released in 1997 and has such a deep and moving storyline that it became an immediate classic and won over the hearts of billions of people. The entire movie feels like an in-depth peek into the life of Matt Damon’s character and those who weave their lives into his. The script was actually written by two of the movies stars: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It also lines of the incredible talents of Robin Williams and Minnie Driver to complete an incredible cast. The plot follows the life of Matt Damon’s character, who works as a blue collar janitor. After a run-in with the law, he ends up working closely with therapist and renowned teacher, played by Robin Williams. It comes to like that he is an actual genius with an unmatched talent for mathematics.

In addition of Good Will Hunting, the films Lawrence Bender has produced have received nearly 30 Academy Award nominations, including a total of three nominations for Best Picture. Of those three nominations, he won six of them. He has worked on some very high-level films. These films include Reservoir Dogs, which was one of the firm major films that Lawrence Bender ever worked on in a production capacity. He also worked on Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained. Along with his blockbuster films, he also produced the documentary An Inconvenient Truth. This documentary was one of the best I have seen to date and the documentary raised a huge deal of discussion and awareness about the real issues of climate change that were affecting us today, and would affect us in years to come. An Inconvenient Trust also won that year’s Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Lawrence Bender was born in the Bronx and he officially made his major debut as a member of the known film community in 1987 through his work on Reservoir Dogs, which became an immediate sensation. He is currently still producing some of the top films in Hollywood and also continues his career in screen writing.

Businessman Expert Investment Guru

Matt Biadali Demonstrates The Importance of Being Unorthodox While Investing

One thing that people are going to find with business is that there are established methods to success. There are always procedures that are known as tried and true. However, many people discover that it doesn’t always work for people. For one thing, what was tried and true didn’t work the best for Matt Badiali. However, he has found something that works even better. This type of strategy is one of the reasons that he provides insights on Banyan Hill. This can at least show people that they do not have to follow strict and old rules in order to make something work. Follow Matt on

One thing that Matt Badiali addresses is the constantly changing market. As markets change, it is expected that some of the methods are going to change as well. People who are flexible and imaginative are going to be the ones that manage to not only survive, but thrive with the changes. It is the people that fight the change that are going to eventually fall under. This is one of the reasons that some of the most successful investors often offer advice that is considered out of the ordinary. However, people who follow Matt Badiali’s advice may actually find themselves stumbling on prosperity.

One thing that can be said about the other financial experts when compared to Matt Badiali is that they are rather unimaginative and out of touch. They just don’t bother to think about the changes that may occur in the market. For one thing, they are out of the game because they have retired. They made their investments at a time that was best for them. However, Matt is constantly involved. This explains why his advice is so much better than the advice of other investors. This is one of the reasons that investors that read Banyan Hill succeed at a much greater rate.


Why did Shervin Pishevar cause a 21-Hour Tweet Storm?

Capitalists are all about profits and anything that threatens that needs to be fixed. He went on Twitter to offer his resignation from Investment company and the reasons behind it, we never heard from him again. However, something must have ignited his business thoughts as he spent 21 hours of one of his Tuesdays to make 50 Tweets. In them, Shervin Pishevar claims to predict some of the factors that will affect the US economy and a financial storm that is coming.

Shervin Pishevar argues that the stock market is going to experience a sudden drop of about 6,000 points. One reason behind this is the unfavorable economic environment in February due to;

  • Tax giveaways
  • Increased rates of interest
  • High credit account deficits

He says that while some companies are beginning to forego their 2018 returns on profit, with time the 2017 gains will also be affected.

Shervin Pishevar also says that the bonds and the tool that governs them need to be corrected. This is because the latter does not have the power to effectively reset the state of the market.

He continues to predict the downward movement of the US economy due to the inflation that he claims has been exported for a while now. He even goes further and says that the inflation rate is being negatively affected by the administration currently in place.

Shervin Pishevar also seems to see the Volatility Indices falling over time, alongside the Managed Future Funds.

He goes on to say that, the US economy is facing competition in terms of tech innovation. This fact robs the country of it’s stronghold in the Silicon Valley. He criticizes the administration for building physical and cultural walls while the talent remains with the other competitive countries like China.

During his Twitter rant, he clearly predicts the fall of the mighty five that include Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Google and Microsoft. In his argument, Shervin Pishevar states that such companies scare away startups and even buy others, rendering them monopolies that try to eliminate competition.

Business Entrepreneurs Investment Philantrophy

Companies Who Care For Others

Big business is known for making millions of dollars each year. These profits are historically taken and reinvested in their business. After paying their normal day to day operating expenses such as payroll and utilities, the rest is put back into the business in order to upgrade and maintain it.

There are other businesses however, that take any profits they make and form extended arms of their company to go out and help others who need it. Stream Energy is one such company. They have started a branch of their business called Stream Cares. This is a separate operation from their normal business. It is set up to help those people who are affected by disaster such as hurricane damage. It was formed after Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas. The amount of people who were relocated from their homes after losing all they had was tremendous and Stream Energy felt they needed to provide some type of help.

Since the inception of Stream Cares, it has grown to not only serve those people in the Texas area but nationally as well. They have also been looking to move into the International market to help those around the world. Stream Energy’s efforts have been very successful and they have been lauded by many government agencies. The care they give to others has improved the lives of many.

Stream Energy is a leader in the energy industry and has been operating in Texas for many years. Their business has grown and flourished under their leadership team. This new venture into the philanthropy field is just another way they have shown their concern for others. They have always provided their clients with exceptional customer service and now are showing many people just how caring they truly are.

Even though this branch was set up to help those people affected by one particular disaster, it has moved into many other areas of help. Natural disasters happen on occasion, but, there are many others who need help daily. They are working on a plan to help those people also. There efforts are to be applauded.

Mobile App NGP VAN

NPG VAN Announces Plans For VAN5

Recently, NGP VAN announced their plans for their biggest change in seven years. The new interface will be known as VAN5 and will take their website to the next level. The upgrade will be more beautiful, more modern and more convenient. It will also feature hundreds of different improvements to make it easier for users to access the interface whenever they need it. This upgrade was first announced back in 2015 and NGP VAN has said it will enable organizers from all over the world to work on new innovations online and offline in ways they’ve never been able to before. Many different steps needed to be taken in order for this new operating system to become a reality but it seems they are close to putting the finishing touches on this new interface. They hope it will spark many new ideas and innovations in the years to come.

While NGP VAN has not yet issued a statement on when we can expect this new operating system to come online, they have said it is coming pretty soon. They’re saying VAN5 will lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. It’s a beautiful new interface with a familiar feeling on a platform which they are confident people will love. One of the coolest new features on this platform is the fact that you’ll be able to access it from any mobile device wherever you are in the world. NGP VAN plans to release this new upgrade in the fall of 2018.

As you can imagine, the users of NGP VAN are anxiously awaiting the release of this brand new platform so they can enhance their innovations and jumpstart their work. The staff of the company are working tirelessly to finish it and promote it to their users to show them how much easier it will make their lives. The whole site has been completely revamped and will boost its functionality and convenience. They’ve been collecting data and using it to enhance VAN5 to ensure it is as state-of-the-art as possible. So we wish them the best of luck in releasing this new platform.


Politics Washington DC

NGP VAN Continues To Lead The Resistance

The political climate of 2018 has been unsettled in terms of the Congressional state of affairs with Democrats from the grassroots level to Washington D.C. leading a change in the tide of Republicans winning seats from dog-catcher to the Senate and Congress. One group which has been at the forefront of the rising level of resistance in NGP VAN, a Democrat-supported group which has recently created an Online video showing how they appreciate the support of the grassroots Democrats who have changed the way the U.S. political landscape looks.

NGP VAN has taken on a range of different roles for Democrats who are looking for a different way of approaching campaigning since the 2016 elections saw the victory of Republican President Donald Trump. Among the services offered by NGP VAN is the management of volunteers and fundraising options which make all the difference in making sure a campaign runs smoothly; other services include more in-depth campaign options including donor targeting and contribution tracking to identify areas of strength and weakness among supporters.

In the video produced by the group, a look back at the political year from the view of Democrats is undertaken heading all the way back to the shock of the so-called “Muslim travel ban” of 2017 and the women’s marches which have proven such a success for liberal groups. NGP VAN explains Democrats and liberal independents have rarely been so engaged at grassroots level targeting a range of Republican strongholds during special elections which have led to major gains for Democrats.

NGP VAN looks back at the many different ways Democrats have been engaging with voters from traditional phone calls to creating social media posts in a bid to overcome the rising tide of right-wing rhetoric overtaking the GOP. NGP VAN explains the mood of resistance must now turn to the 2018 special elections which will be a chance for the group to work with even more left-leaning candidates to provide support for candidates across the U.S.