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Dick DeVos: The Philanthropist Who Changed The City Of Grand Rapids

In 1990, citizens of Grand Rapids in Michigan were offered a proposal for the set up of a multi-purpose stadium. It was a plan that was put forth with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and was something that seemed to be beneficial for the overall development of the state. The proposed idea was put forward with the intention of bringing forth some positive appreciation for the town through sports. The conceptualizers of this idea thought by bringing in big sporting teams into the scene, they would be able to improve the economy of the city.


However, not everyone thought this would actually work out the way that it was intended to. One of the bigger opposers to this idea was Dick DeVos, a man who has actively worked throughout his career to bring prosperity to the state. His opinion was that a multi-purpose stadium was not the best idea for the benefit of the city. His backing for this statement was the stadium that was constructed in Detroit just a few years before. The stadium there was something that people thought would bring an incredible amount of benefit to the city. However, outside of the occasional sporting seasons, the stadium did not see much use. There were very few events there are the city started seeing losses as opposed to profits because of the upkeep that was needed to keep the stadium functional. DeVos expressed that this was something that could also affect the people living in Grand Rapids, who are likely to experience a similar impact of the proposed stadium.


The counterproposal that DeVos put forth was that of constructing a number of recreational centers for the benefit of the city. These centers weren’t sites that would be used by large prominent personalities, but would be places that regular people could go to and partake in the activity of their choice. After much consideration, the city council decided to side with DeVos and has had a positive experience with the recreational centers constructed on his consideration.


This was just one of the many examples of beneficial deeds that DeVos has partaken in for the benefit of his home state. He has also partaken in a number of philanthropic ventures that have enabled him to help the people in need. For someone who is looking to bring forward a positive change, he has indeed been able to help a large number of people.


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National Steel Car Excels Under The Leadership Of Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a leading player in the engineering and manufacturing industry. This is the biggest company in this sector in the whole of North America. The company has a long history that does back to 1912 when the factory was set up to produce railroad freight cars. Since it was created, there has been a lot that has gone into this company. Huge investments have been made to make it the leasing firm it is. It has also taken the dedication of its leaders to get it to the levels that we see it at. In the period that this company has been operational, a lot has changed in the railroad sector. The quality of products produced by this company is top notch, a factor that has attracted very many people to the company.

Currently, National Steel Car is under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz. He is the CEO of the company. He took over the leadership in 1994 after he purchased the company. Under his leadership, National Steel Car has recorded huge growth. It is now operating as a new factory due to the systems that have been put in place to ensure efficient production in the facility.

National Steel Car has been performing very well for the past few decades under Gregory Aziz. He bought this company because he knew that he could manage to run appropriately. When he was buying it, its production capacity had dwindled, and it was up to him to come up with measures that would lead to the development of the company. He needed to get the company back into operations in the right way. The company needed to produce more railroad freight cars, and this has been made possible by Aziz through focusing on improving the production systems that the company was running on.


Greg Aziz took measures that will lead to the development of the company. In just a few years after he took over the leadership of this company, there were significant changes that had taken place. Production started going up and the number of cars produced in one year increased significantly. In five years, the company was producing over 12,000 railroad freight cars annually. Click Here to learn more.


Gregory J Aziz has done a commendable job in reviving the operations of National Steel Car. It is under its leadership that the best development ever has taken place in the company. It has been over one century of operations, but it is still operating like a newly established factory.

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Don’t Neglect Getting A Great Diet With The OSI Food Group

Many families today, want nothing more than to eat healthy. They would like to guarantee they’re feeding their family a smart meal, but also one they can afford. The OSI Industries Food Group has been able to give the food service industry a century of excellence. The OSI mission has always been to make the food industry a better place. Their CEO and well known businessman, David A. McDonald, has been able to attract other popular food industry professionals to adopt their sustainability model. Their food service team has been able to introduce an organic line of rich all-natural processed food products.

OSI Professional Business News

The OSI Industries Group has been able to give their international partners a secure food partnership. They’ve partnered with the Dutch, Baho Food Group and increased their business portfolio. OSI recognized their large food audience and will promote their organic vegetables to their residents. You have an opportunity to learn more about their professional business deals from their Wikipedia website. Their small start as a meat processing company began in Aurora, Illinois. The unique OSI Industries Foods network has also partnered with Flagship Europe and doubled their global chicken production. Their other international deals include a 20 year relationship with China.

Recent Food Industry Charity News

The OSI team has been able to give their local area charities along with international humanitarian relief. Their tremendous executive team of professionals are dedicated to helping their food service customers with more than a delicious and nutritious meal by creating jobs. His team backed job initiative has created at least 7,000 jobs worldwide. They focus on at-risk adults and children with needs. Retaining and creating jobs continues to be important to OSI. Get a diet you can trust by dining with the OSI Industries Food Group.

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Jeff Herman Is Empowering Victims Of Sexual Abuse To Take Back Their Lives

Nationally recognized attorney Jeff Herman is at the forefront in the fight against sexual abuse and exploitation. Jeff has dedicated his career as a trial lawyer to representing and helping those victims receive the proper restitution for the criminal trauma foisted upon them.


Jeff is tenacious and untiring in his effort to seek healing, empowerment, and justice. He has handled high-profile sexual abuse civil cases in several states on a contingency-fee basis since the 90s. Regardless of whether the crime stems from clergy abuse, the Boy Scouts, residential care facilities, hospitals, day cares or foster care, Jeff has worked rigorously for his clients in the pursuit of justice.


Out of his Boca Raton based law firm, Herman Law, Jeff leads a highly skilled team of litigators, prosecutors, investigators, and support staff whom recognize the sensitive nature of these crimes and understand how to navigate the law. To date, Herman Law has represented 1,000+ victims in civil abuse cases with a proven track record with over $200 million in settlements and verdicts.


Jeff and his team pride themselves on being proactive, and aggressive in assisting their clients. His national reputation for advocacy against exploitation and first rate prosecution has earned him many notable accolades. Jeff Herdsman has been featured on CNN, HLN, FOX News and other outlets due to his expertise and over 30 years of experience. Recognized as the country’s top attorney in the field, he has become the default pioneer for victims of sexual abuse. Go To This Page for more information


The dedication and commitment to victims even goes outside of Herman Law and the courtroom. Jeff also volunteers his time to abuse prevention through Community Advocacy and Vigilance, and is involved with organizations tasked with protecting children from predators. Comprehensive education is key to Jeff and his team. He spend his time training law enforcement personnel on properly and effectively interviewing victims of such abuses.






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Paul Mampilly Changes Career to Help Ordinary Daily Investors

Paul Mampilly’s newsletter, Profits Unlimited, has obtained 60,000 subscribers, which is a mark of success for any newsletter. Mampilly was a former manager of the hedge fund before venturing into his newsletter. Profits Unlimited has a primary objective of helping investors make money on the stock market. Paul has worked for more than two decades with big clients like ING, Deutsche Bank, and Kinetics International while still working on Wall Street. He was also the winner of an investment competition that had been started by Templeton Foundation.

The reason why Paul won the competition was his ability to increase a $50 million investment to $88 million. He made a 76 percent gain in a short period, which he achieved when there was a financial crisis and has accomplished the feat without shorting the stock. Paul has shown incredible skill and instinct in the financial sector. A while back Paul Mampilly entered into a publishing contract with Banyan Hill Publishing, which doubles as a publishing firm and research firm to launch Profits Unlimited. The publishing house specializes in research advice papers and investment newsletters.

Profits Unlimited helps American investors to access several investment opportunities. Mampilly advises the readers on the most profitable stocks to invest in and updates the list every week. He also tracks stocks on his website to determine their movement. Instead of the traditional capital arrangement between the advisor and the client, Mampilly lets the subscribers buy stocks in their accounts. Those who have been investing based on his advice have made good profits from the investment.

Paul Mampilly’s Background

Born in India, Paul Mampilly migrated to the United States at a young age. He then joined the Wall Street where he started his career as a banker’s Trust. Paul has held other financial positions in several institutions since then. Mampilly joined the Sovereign Society in 2016 and became a senior editor, in charge of writing content to help people make money through investing. His investment ingenuity and skill has allowed him to retire in his 40s. Paul reads widely and does thorough research before recommending any investment to his newsletter’s subscribers.

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Ted Bauman Offers Some Advice For Investors In Case A Recession Hits

Ted Bauman is an investor, writer, and contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing. He has stated that while the current bull market may remain, that it is just as likely that it will crash. Many people value Bauman’s advice because he has been making the right calls related to the stock market and economics for many years. He moved to South Africa as a younger man and studied at the University of Cape Town where he earned postgraduate degrees in history and economics. He moved forward after graduating to work with nonprofits; serving as a fund manager and advisor.

Ted Bauman has focused on low-risk investing strategies for many years, now, and has brought his wisdom with him to Banyan Hill Publishing where he works on The Bauman Letter and other publications. He has tried to let U.S. investors know that stocks in the country are overvalued, and he has used the CAPE ratio to uncover this truth. He believes that it could be possible that a bear market is on the way and that this will lead many to panic-sell their stocks, which will lead to great losses. He has been indicating that it is possible that a recession could happen and that if this does occur, the S&P 500 could drop by over 25%.

Ted Bauman has laid out a few scenarios for the stock market crash where a rise could be followed by a drop. He has talked about this being similar to the late 1980’s when the S&P tumbled heavily in one single day. He has been advising investors to consider some strategies to be able to survive a plummet in the stock market, and one of these is to stay calm and invest in low volatility stocks. He has also suggested that people consider having a stockpile of liquid assets that they keep in a home safe, a safety deposit box, or, even better, a vault owned by an independent company. More and more investors are listening to the wisdom of Ted Bauman and are subscribing to his newsletters, which include Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. Financial expert Ted Bauman says scalability looms as bitcoin’s biggest problem

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How William Saito Became a Successful Business Owner

William Saito is an accomplished business owner. From the time he was young, he knew that he wanted to own a company instead of work in a traditional career. Although he attended college, he did not enjoy sitting in a classroom. He decided to start a business helping other college students study for tests. The company was successful, and he loved the feeling of success.


He decided to leave college to pursue other activities in life. He started other business ideas that would eventually fail. Even when a business idea failed, he did not get discouraged. Instead, he viewed the failure as a learning opportunity.




William’s best business idea came from the software industry. He noticed that there was a huge demand for software programs. However, few people could explain how the software would benefit business owners.


William decided to start a software company. Within a few years, he was making millions of dollars in profits. He received an incredible offer to sell the company. After selling his business, he was financially independent and could do anything he wanted with his time.


EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

Instead of retiring, William continued to work as an entrepreneur. He focuses on projects that helped people around the world. He is passionate about making the world a better place.




William spends a lot of time teaching business students about starting a company. He firmly believes that starting a company is one of the best ways to make a positive impact on others. He educates students about various lessons he learned while managing a company. Most of the tips are about capital management, but he also provides practical tips on hiring workers.


Although starting a business seems scary for most people, William Saito has lived his life as an entrepreneur. He enjoys telling stories about his career and providing practical advice to others.

Charter School

Launching A Lifetime of Learning at Rocketship Education

Lower-income families in California daily struggle to get their kids the quality education they deserve. Technology isn’t readily accessible and many students miss out on opportunities to learn. The need for proper education to be accessible prompted the establishment of Rocketship Education. As the name suggests these schools provide services that help launch a lifetime of learning.

Rocketship Education has come under attack by critics but has proven that their methodology works to bring low-income students up-to-speed as a functioning member of society. When the first school opened its doors in 2006, it was basically to give students in low-income communities an alternative to traditional public schools. The demand for better education drove Preston Smith, CEO and co-founder of the Rocketship Education network to launch the concept of individualized learning.

Individualized learning isn’t a new concept. Rocketship Education took the model from other charter school programs and enhanced it to bring it to those who needed it the most. The whole concept of building up communities through technological advancement is also not new. Parents understand that their child is being left behind because they have no resources available. Rocketship Education is not focused entirely on technology but utilizes technology as a tool to help students achieve excellence. The responsible use of technology is a key component for effective learning. Rocketship Education utilizes 5 different programs that focus on different areas of the curriculum. An important component of this type of learning environment is that students aren’t always on the computers. The lab rotation model works because students are immersed in the subject matter in an interactive way.

Rocketship Education’s model has caught on. Treating students and teachers with respect pays dividends down the road when students become active and functioning members of the community at large. Rocketship Education now has charter schools in Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C.

Public education is still important. The debate of public vs private charter schools is ongoing. As was mentioned earlier Rocketship Education focuses on giving low-income students opportunities for education that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Parents are clamoring for this type of education for their kids.


Michael Lacey, the mathematical Guru

Michael Lacey is considered as among the greatest mathematicians of all times. Born in 1959, Lacey has made impressive contributions to mathematics. His main contributions in Mathematics are in the probability division. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Lacey attended the University of Texas Austin where he majored in Mathematics graduating in with a BS. Degree. Michael attended the University of Illinois where he attained his PhD in 1987. It is at the universities while completing his PhD thesis that he was involved in numerous projects that involved probability. When completing his PhD thesis, Mr Walter Philip was his professor and mentor.

Together with Walter Philip, Lacey developed a formula which solved a mathematical problem which troubles most scholars when he presented his thesis. He developed the Law of Iterated Logarithm, but his thesis was on empirical characteristic functions.

After he graduated, Lacey served at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Other universities he has worked at include the Louisiana State University and Indiana University. While at the University of North Carolina, Michael was involved in a lot of research projects which eventually led to the proof of the Central Limit Theorem.

Michael Lacey worked at the Indiana University between 1989 and 1996 where he studied the Bilinear Hilbert Transform. His research at the Indiana University was sponsored by the National Science Foundation that had awarded him a postdoctoral fellowship.

He had been selected because of his previous achievements in mathematics. It was therefore not a surprise when he was considered to work on the Hilbert Transform challenge.

Currently, Michael Lacey serves as a professor of mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he has been working since 1996. At Georgia Institute of Technology, he has received several awards for his contributions to the field of mathematics including Guggenheim Fellowship. He has also been honoured for his efforts to mentor other leading assistant professors. To this end, he received the Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award in 2012. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

According to people who have worked with the professor, he is knowledgeable in the field of mathematics and other subjects which he focuses on. He loves to solve hard mathematical issues which trouble scholars. Most people who have interacted with him consider him a genius.

Attorney Jeff Herman Lawyer Litigation Lawyer Trial Attorney

Jeff Herman, Special Victims Attorney

Jeff Herman, nationally-recognized attorney for special victims of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation has been inspired by his own devotion to uncover the ring of sexual abuse concerning children. Herman has become committed to a career of exposing child predators and the institutions that protect them.


This trailblazing lawyer is known for revealing the clergy members involved in sexual abuse scandals throughout Miami as well as across the country. Herman won a Landmark Case With A $100 Million Verdict for a special victim’s client who had been sexually abused by their priest in 2011. Most recently, he made national headlines when he represented numerous male clients in special victim’s sexual abuse suits against Kevin Clash, the former Elmo puppeteer.


Herman’s law firm Herman Law is located in Boca Raton and is devoted solely to representing the special victims of sexual abuse based civil suits throughout the nation.


Outside the courtroom, the high-profile attorney continues to “shine the light” on sexual abuse. He has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes and New York magazine and he has been a featured expert on CNN, FOX, HLN, and MSNBC. Herman is also active on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. He also has inspiring videos on YouTube.


Appearing in numerous magazines and having been featured on several news and talk shows, Herman keeps the light shining bright on sexual predators, inside and outside of the courtroom.


Jeff Herman has been publicly recognized for the child forensic interviewing technique that he developed and he fully trains professionals from different child welfare organizations to help children that have been sexually abused, heal through disclosure.


Jeff Herman has been nationally recognized as a special victim’s trial attorney and advocates for survivors of sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation. Herman is passionate, competitive, enthusiastic and skilled. He’s trailblazing the representation of special victims and devotes 100% of his legal practice to defending these victims. Throughout his career he’s represented over a thousand courageous special victims.


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