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How the Arizona-based Hispanic Community has benefited from Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is among Arizona’s most appreciated charity organizations. It was established by the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who have always been dedicated to advocating for the freedom and rights of the Hispanic immigrants. They are also executives of Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times.

As journalists, the two individuals published several stories about Joe Arpaio who was a corrupt Maricopa County sheriff. The articles made Arpaio order for an arrest that violated their First Amendment rights.

Jim and Michael went to court, and they were offered $3.75 million by the county government. The money was used in forming the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which has supported many activists across Arizona.

The Justice for Immigrants & Families (JIF) is an organization that was established to ensure that the immigrants who live in Maricopa County can access justice. Arizona currently has more than 325,000 undocumented immigrants. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

For a long time, there has been no organization that is devoted to providing cheap legal services to immigrants who face deportation cases. Many individuals who face such cases have been forced to go through the complicated process without being represented by an attorney. JIF offers direct representation to the immigrants, and it at times refers the cases to pro bono lawyers.

It also ensures that people know their rights by organizing legal consultations, group workshops, orientations, and self-help legal advice. The foundation works with community groups to empower immigrants in different ways. It aims to make sure that immigrants will never face any barriers to economic or social opportunities.

JIF was established by the Phoenix Legal Action Network, which is a team of attorneys who the devoted to taking pro bono cases to protect the rights of the immigrants, racial minorities, women, the LGBTQ individuals, and religious minorities. The network also supports freedom of speech, accountability of the police, voting rights, and criminal justice reforms.

Another major organization that has Lacey and Larkin have supported is the Promise Arizona (Paz). Paz is a Spanish word that means peace. The human rights organization is faith-based, and it was established in 2010 after the passing of SB 1070. The approval of the law led to the hostility on the Hispanic community that lived in Arizona.

Paz and other activists held an anti-SB 1070 prayer vigil at the Phoenix-based state capitol for 103 days. The Arizona law was revoked in court, and Arpaio was tried for making unconstitutional policies. Member of Promise Arizona held demonstrations across Arizona and Washington, D.C.

Petra Falcon, who is the executive director of the organization, was one of the many human right activists who was detained in Washington, D.C in 2013 for organizing street demonstrations to advocate for immigration reforms. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The organization has made significant accomplishments that include pushing President Obama’s government to have immigration reforms, facilitating civic engagement by coaching young leaders, leading impartial voter registration drives, as well as informing and registering people for the DACA program.

Promise Arizona aims at developing a new generation of leaders who will assist in transforming Arizona into a state that is welcoming to all people. The organization visits different neighborhoods where they hold house meeting to encourage people to dream big.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Tobias Jaeger

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CP+B CEO Lori Senecal Advertises to The Mobile Market

These days, it is important for companies to optimize their content so that it can work with mobile phones. For one thing, it is very common for people of all walks of life to have some kind of mobile access. After all, the majority of phones that are available are smartphones or phones with internet access. Therefore, it is important for advertisement to be able to fit into the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal focuses on the mobile network as well as social media. Lori consults her clients to let them know what they can do about the mobile networks.

Among the things that Lori Senecal suggests to her clients is to analyze everything about their ad campaigns so that they can come up with something that is going to be effective for them. Among the steps people can take when advertising for Facebook or Twitter platforms to work on a combination of displaying visuals that users can relate to and customizing their experience so that they will have personalized advertising. Just these two tips are very effective in gaining customers for the company.

According to Campaign Live, another thing that Lori suggests that her clients take advantage of when it comes to advertising is geo-targeting. For one thing, businesses can advertise to the company based on where they are. For instance, if a customer is close to one of the locations of the business, then they will be reached with an ad on their mobile device.

Lori Senecal is very creative and observant of the market. Therefore, she is able to take on every opportunity that she feels is worthwhile. There is no worthy opportunity for growth and success that flies by under her radar. She looks at it and evaluates the effectiveness and usefulness of it compared to others.

A Gorgeous New Planetarium Is Under Construction At Orange Coast College

The Orange Coast College has received a donation for $1 million for a new planetarium currently under construction. The generous donation was received from Mary McChesney who taught at the school before retiring.

The donation made it possible for the school to have a Foucault pendulum which is capable of demonstrating the rotation of the earth. This will be the only pendulum of this type in Orange County and be an excellent source of scientific studies for the students and the community.

Construction for Orange Coast College’s new planetarium began in 2016. The original planetarium was constructed in the 1950’s and has been torn down to make way for the new one. With all the advancements in technology the college needed something much newer. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The new planetarium will include an auditorium with 129 seats and a Sphere display globe in the exhibit hall. Unfortunately the old planetarium only had seating for approximately 35 visitors.

The cost of the new planetarium is $20 million and it is expected to open its door for the fall semester in 2018. The planetarium will provide a valuable education for students from kindergarten up to the 12th grade as well as the residents of the community.

This is an incredible opportunity for Orange Coast College and the majority of the funding was from a bond measure in 2012. An additional $2.6 million in generous donations have also been received.

The Orange Coast college has a mission to sustain the incredible traditions of the school. They enhance pride in their campus and are extremely proud of their athletes. The college experience they provide has been designed to be well rounded and provide students with a positive and exceptional education. Students are encouraged to participate in the numerous programs offered by the college.

Orange Coast College additionally recruits students from populations that have been seriously under represented. This helps increase the college’s diversity which enhances the educational experience.

The pride and school spirit is increased by the athletes and has a positive effect on the students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Orange College. The athletes represent the college at state and local championships and competitions.

Why Wine Investing Can Be A Smart Investment Option For You

Wine investment is an unorthodox investment option that has been gaining in popularity recently. The gist is that you basically purchase wines and store them until their value increases. Unlike stocks which can decrease in value, a wine will almost certainly increase in its value as it ages. More and more investors are starting to look at wines as a viable investment commodity. Here are some additional reasons why wine investments make sense.

If you don’t have that much capital or want to spread your risk out, then you can join a wine investment or purchasing group. These groups pool money together to buy wines and store them until they can be sold at a later date for a profit. Wine purchasing and investment groups also purchase wines in bulk or discounted prices for personal consumption as well. They provide a win-win situation for both investors and connoisseurs of wine.


Wine has always been considered a precious commodity. It provides a hedge against the rough and tumble of the stock market and commodity markets. Evidence of the stability and profitability of wine is the fact that since Brexit, fine wines have increased in value by about 20% in Britain. This refers to wine investments and not your typical run off the mill wines that are consumed by average folk. Wine is also a great way to diversify a portfolio.

So you want to purchase some wine. How do you get started? One way is by contacting a wine brokerage company such as UKV PLC. Wine brokers such as UKV PLC can help you determine and find which wines would be best suited for your investment strategy. As a world class wine dealer, UKV PLC can also help you source the wines as well.

As a broker, UKV PLC will not only help you with obtaining investment grade wine but also the selling aspect of it as well. Visit UKV PLC’s website for more information on how to get started in wine investment.

We Can Win the War against Racism with Mindsets Similar to That of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are heroes of the campaign against human rights violations and other atrocities that undermine civil liberty. No one can take that from them, not with the kind of mindset they possess. These men are accomplished fellow in their chosen profession, which happens to be journalism.

They are not beggars looking for means to enlarge their bank accounts. Creativity and innovation is part of their make-up. Both co-founded two renown organizations, Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

The world was gifted with the opportunity of seeing the mindsets of Lacey and Larkin through an unforgettable incidence. These men were just doing their journalism routine when they caught up with facts detailing atrocities perpetrated by a well-known public figure, County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It was a case of blatant violations of the rights of innocent citizens. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Both men could not bear keeping mute knowing about massive criminal acts as such, so they let the cat out of the bag to ensure that the culprit face the music of the law and to serve as deterrents to other wicked individuals.

The County got to know who blew the whistle, and he fiercely went after them. At the dead of the night, he sent men to bundle them out of their home and severely maltreated them, but Lacey and Larkin refused to call it quit.

They the County to court, precisely the United State Court of Appeal with a $3.75 million demand for all inhumane treatments they suffered. The court judgment went the way of Lacey and Larkin and the County had to cough out the money as a result.

Critics and detractors could not wait to know what these two noble men will do with the money before bearing their mind on the whole issue concluding that Lacey and Larkin deserve no praise or emulation. To them, the goal of these journalists was to get as much money as is possible from the County.

Unknown to them, the two gentlemen had already concluded with what to do with the money even before victory was declared in court – to distribute it to human right groups in Arizona and its environs. By the time they got wind of what the money will be used for, many have them made a roundabout turn joining the ever increasing fans-base of Lacey and Larkin.

Lessons abound for all human right activists including those at the forefront of the campaign against racism and discriminations against colored people. The monster called racism is biting deeper and deeper into the fiber of the society by the day. In the world of sport, it is evident. The electoral processes of many countries are bedeviled by this monster.

Only men and women with the resilience, selflessness and magnanimity of Lacey and Larkin can guarantee victory. Groups such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) must inculcate these values in their members if they truly want to live up to expectations.

Organizations that advocate for civil,human and immigrant’s rights

Many non-governmental organizations have been in the forefront in advocating for civil, human and migrants’ rights. The organizations target the people who have fallen victims of discrimination acts such as racial profiling. The victims are educated about their rights and the legal recourse to pursue.

Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights under Law

The organization is a non-partisan and non-profit group which was formed in 1963 as requested by former USA President John F. Kennedy. The organization is involved in advocating for civil rights aimed at eradicating racial discrimination. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

The primary goal of the committee is to fight for equal opportunities for minority groups. The committee campaigns against the elements that bring racial discrimination and economic disparity. The Lawyers’ Committee focuses on representing African Americans to obtain justice for racial discrimination acts. The other groups that are represented by the committee are racial and ethnic minorities who are usually faced with economic disparity.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The group was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin to provide financial support to the organizations which are advocating for human rights of the immigrants. Michael Lacey and Jim Larking decided to use $3.75 million from the settlement after the arrest by the sheriff to fund the organizations.

The two reporters who are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times were arrested after publishing a story revolving around the sheriff. Michael Lacey and Jim Larking had earlier fought for the implementation of first amendment rights. Therefore, they sued the county and won the case. They were given $3.75 million as resettlement amount, and they have been using the fund to support the groups that fight for the human rights of the immigrants.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The organization is actively involved in advocating for human rights across the globe. Their operations are available locally, regionally and globally. The organization obtains support from volunteers and partners to improve the standards of human rights.

The reinforcement of the law is what the organization strives for so that the victims of human right injustices are represented well. The group has assisted children, women, and immigrants to obtain human rights for more than 30 years.

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

The organization protects the civil and human rights of the immigrants. The group achieves its objectives by employing advocacy, outreach and litigation programs. The Supreme and District courts aids in implementing the litigation programs. The primary focus of the group is to ensure that the immigrants obtain human rights.

Mike and Jim who are the main executive members in the organization ensure that the immigrants get equal justice as stipulated by the law. They challenge the legality of laws which tend to prevent the immigrants from accessing the justice in the court of law.

The fight for the civil, human and the immigrants requires the collaborations of many non-profit organizations. Lots funds are also needed to achieve the objectives. Michael Lacey and Jim Larking are examples of individuals who have supported financially the groups that fight the rights of immigrants.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Baltimore Real Estate Industry through the Eyes of Todd Lubar

Baltimore every now and then gets negative publicity in national news. Viewers who let this publicity skew their views on Baltimore generally fail to see the things that Baltimore has going for it. In Charm City, for instance, there are real estate opportunities that are turning heads in the real estate sector.


Today, Baltimore transforms old structures into ‘chic apartment buildings‘. Historic landmarks are also converted in the process. An illustration of this trend is the conversion of 10 Light Street ground level into a training centre and gymnasium. The historic building of the ‘Bank of America now houses one of the priciest apartments in the area.

Cost of Living

In comparison to Washington, Baltimore’s ‘cost of living’ is relatively lower. It has become the magnet for young couples and recent graduates. Indeed young professionals are buying homes here and getting job opportunities to boost their young careers. The unemployment rate continues to improve and the possibility of wage increment adds to the reason why Baltimore will continue to do well. The wage situation promises to improve and this will in turn improve the purchasing power of residents and give entrepreneurs and business developers more reason to invest in commercial infrastructure.

New Business

Startups tend to do well in Baltimore. This is the same for young professionals and families looking for a place to settle and grow roots. There is opportunity here for startups though they are in short supply due to the limitation of entrepreneurship minded folk. Under Armour is a good example of a startup that has done well in Baltimore. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Harbor East

This area has continued to draw young professionals due to its infrastructure. Condominiums are in plenty though somewhat expensive. There are new buildings coming up which will double the options for buyers. Hotels and shops looking to expand are shopping for real estate here and with this potential there is the probability of job opportunities rising.


Todd Lubar attended a Washington DC school: Sidwell Friends School. He was there between the years of ‘1977 and 1987’. His high school, in New Jersey, was Peddie School. Lubar went to Syracuse University where he earned his speech communication degree.

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Society Is Improved Through The Work Of George Soros

The work of George Soros may be largely based in the hedge fund and investment industry where the Hungarian Holocaust survivor has made his name as a leading hedge fund manager capable of making a series of gambles on the stock market and global financial markets. Soros has not only developed a series of investments for his own Soros Fund Management company, but has also created a successful global network of not for profit groups under the stewardship of his Open Society Foundations; the network of charitable groups fight for freedom and democracy for all under a name that harks back to the work of philosopher Karl Popper, the former mentor of George Soros who introduced him to a new way of critical thinking. Read more about George at The New York Times.

The Open Society Foundations explains George Soros has always sought to help others in the same way his own life was saved during the World War II occupation of Hungary by Nazi German forces who killed around 500,000 members of the Jewish community. Originally called Schwartz, the Soros family changed their name in a bid to hide their Jewish roots and moved the young George into the household of a Christian family who passed him off as a distant Christian relative. During the occupation of Hungary George Soros became a successful figure and has stated he managed to help a number of people by aiding them in hiding their Jewish identity in similar ways to those developed by the patriarch of the Soros family. After departing his native Hungary in 1947, Biography reports George Soros arrived in the U.K. and began studying at the London School of Economics, where he found philosopher Karl Popper and learned about his theory of the open society; even today the theory that any nation that believes its political ideology is above all others is failing remains a constant for Soros.

Now rated as the 21st richest person in the world, George Soros has spent the last four decades searching for new and innovative ways of exploring the world of philanthropy. Soros began his career as a philanthropist in 1979 when he began a two pronged attack on the oppressive regimes in South Africa and those living under Communist rule in Eastern Europe; these first successful attempts at philanthropic ventures would eventually lead to Soros developing the work of the Open Society Foundations, which has now benefited from an amazing $12 billion in funding from George Soros. The Open Society Foundations works with many groups in the U.S. in a bid to make sure minority groups across the nation have their rights protected through the backing of political and not for profit groups from across the U.S. and across many parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe. Read this story at about George Soros.

Julia Jackson Is A True Wine Warrior

Julia Jackson’s family has one of the largest number of family-owned wineries in the U.S. Founded in 1981 by patriarch Jess Jackson, the Jackson Family Vineyards has survived on a long-term strategy of provided top-quality wines and social responsibility.

Middle daughter Julia is a wine guru extraordinaire. She knows everything there is to know about the wine business and then some. She harnessed her incredible work ethic from her mother, Barbara Benke, who also serves as Chairperson of Jackson Family Wines.

Julia was born in San Francisco in 1982. She recalls the memories of how she and her siblings had to pick wine in the hot California sun. “That was my first taste of the business.” From a young age, she was already extremely interested in the wine business. While family members work in all areas of the winery, Julia is the face of the company. Most believe she is the logical choice to take over when that time arrives.

After attending Scripps College from 2006-2010, she traveled to France to learn more about wine production and distribution. Julia completely immersed herself into the French culture. “It was a wonderful experience, and I learned far more than I ever imagined.”

Julia continued her education and obtained a certificate in Management from Stanford Business School. While helping run the family wineries, Julie also created the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment non-profit to benefit women that possess the skill and determination to overcome obstacles. The non-profit awards $100,000 in funding to other organizations that uphold the same values and morals as Cambria.

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