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The Changes The Trabuco Went Through

In life, it can be found that things are popular for a time and season. Once something that is better functioning comes along the item that was once popular is no longer of use to anyone. The pattern continues in many different areas of life. The focus of this article is an ancient war machine that wouldn’t serve purpose amongst the modern weapons that are now available.

The Balancing Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that was used to distort masonry walls of the enemy. The balancing weapon is noted to have been very big and require a large number of people to operate the machine.


It is known that today weapons only require one person to operate. Some weapons do not require anyone to operate them. The balancing weapon wouldn’t fit in war now. Back then when they were popular, they said to have been built in China and taken to the Middle East according to When the weapon got into the hands of the Arabs, they saw many flaws in the weapon and modified the machine so that it would be more powerful. Once the finished with the changes that they made to the weapon they called it the Hybrid instead of the balancing.

The Arabs eventually took the Trabuco to Europe. When the Europeans saw the potential, the weapon had to aid them in the war they began buying the machines. The Europeans proceeded to use the weapons during the Crusades. The weapon fired four shots per minute which gave them an advantage over their enemies. The stones had the ability to travel. Great distance reaching the people that they had intended to attack. Although the Europeans found great use for the Trabuco, they retired after gunpowder was created and allowed them to do even more damage faster.

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