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Funding Activities aimed to Benefit American Citizens

Nexbank’s Partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes

A while back, Dallas Neighborhood Homes revealed its intentions to launch a housing loan program to families living in chosen zip codes in southern Dallas. The program aims to help at least 100 low-income families annually hence the program’s name, Affordable Housing Loan Program. Dallas Neighborhood Homes has partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and Nexbank SSB (Nexbank), a bank based in Dallas. The program is supposed to last five years.

Interested homebuyers will receive a loan for mortgages and also counseling, which aims to aid the loan recipients to manage their homeownership fund wisely. Nexbank’s plays a role in the program in two ways. Firstly, the bank has released $50 million to fund the project. It will make sure that more people benefit from the program. Secondly, Nexbank offers to cater for the title fees of a maximum of $2000 as a closing cost for each loan.

Nexbank’s acquisition of College Savings Bank

On the last month of 2015, activities to fully acquire the College Savings Bank, Princeton, were towards closure. It went hand in hand with the announcement about the acquisition made by Nexbank. College Savings Bank is to operate as a wing under Nexbank. College Savings Bank has hundreds of college-saving programs, which will continue to function normally with no interruption from Nexbank. College Savings Bank will carry out its activities as usual.

College Savings Bank was founded in 1987 with an aim to help parents plan the future of their children’s higher education by engaging them in their various saving programs. It manages several programs such as the Indiana College Choice with 529 savings plans. The acquisition of College Savings Bank will help Nexbank to materialize their vision of aiding parents in their overall plans for the future of their kids. The acquisition will also support the savings programs to reach even more people.

Nexbank’s partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and its acquisition of College Savings Bank will aid it in its overall growth. Nexbank SSB is currently one of the top regional banks based in Dallas.