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The Organic Filmmaker, Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley has just started branching out. Born in New Jersey and raised in New York, the filmmaker has been in entertainment since first-grade school productions.

paul wesley

paul wesley
Wesley’s eight-year run on The Vampire Diaries has helped him try his hand at directing. Wesley states it was a “really heart-warming thing,” and has since led five episodes of the show. Wesley has begun to move through the entertainment industry in an organic way claiming that he has had interest in more than just acting at this point in his career.
In 2012, Shawn Christensen wrote, directed and acted in a short film by the name of Curfew. Being friends since the age of 16, Christensen and Wesley began to discuss making the short a feature-length movie. Curfew went on to win an Oscar for Best Live Action Short, and the discussions became a reality. Paul Wesley now officially a first time producer on the project, helped Christensen’s dream become a reality.

paul wesley
Christensen expanded on the story and came up with the character of Gideon, someone he thought Wesley should play. Wesley agreed and is now in the film after only four days of shooting the role. “I left town and, all of a sudden, a DVD showed up,” Wesley stated in an interview with Collider. The movie released in the year 2014 with the title, Before I Disappear, and was entered into the SXSW film festival. It has gone to receive many positive reviews.
Wesley loved that indie film could work with his busy schedule on Vampire Diaries and acted in other titles such as Amira & Sam.
In the summer of 2016, Wesley played the character of Flynt in the play Cal in Camo. Flynt is a broken war veteran who goes home to his sister to better himself. Cal in Camo was Wesley’s New York stage debut and is expected to make more appearances.

paul wesley
Wesley states he is still learning and wants to work on more projects. He is keeping his options open for future ideas. Wesley is passionate about filmmaking, but he wants his next project to be serendipitous.