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Doe Deere Gives You Her Take On Being Fearless

It is probably a safe bet to say that Doe Deere has established a name for herself and her company online. The CEO of Lime Crime is a rather flamboyant personality with a style to match. It is also safe to say that if you are on social media, you’ve probably come across Lime Crime fans raving about the new colors or the new products that recently hit the consumer market. Clearly, the company has a very loyal and fanatic fan base. In fact, the Lime Crime makeup line has earned a reputation as a cult beauty brand.

A Cult Beauty Brand

Doe Deere states that she likes the idea of her company becoming a cult beauty brand. This simply means that her company has something that is very unique to offer the customers. Unique is something that is special or one of a kind. Certainly, Lime Crime is a very unique and one of a kind makeup line. This is something that is very dear to her because it is very difficult to stand out in the crowded beauty industry.

Vegan And Cruelty Free Products

Lime Crime is also known as a vegan and cruelty free product line. This is something that was very important to Doe Deere. Deere states that vegan is a way for her fans to know that the products do not contain animal ingredients. Animal cruelty free simply means that the products were not tested on animals. This has always been the goal of Lime Crime.

Exciting Beauty Trends

The fact is that Lime Crime and Doe Deere have always been the one creating the latest trends. However, Doe Deere relates that it is a well-known fact that Lime Crime is the unicorn brand that is filled with all the very popular unicorn colors like ultra-violet. She is very pleased to note that the hottest color of the last few seasons is varying shades of purple. Now, other makeup companies are joining the hot trend that Lime Crime established almost a decade ago.

Doe Deere shares that she supports new entrepreneurs. She suggests being fearless and looking for a niche that needs filling.

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How Doe Deere, CEO of Lime Crime, Achieved Success

If you haven’t heard of Lime Crime, then allow me to fill you in. It’s the super colorful and glitter-doused cosmetics brand created by Doe Deere, who is just as vibrant as her brand. Launched in 2008, Lime Crime is a pioneer in quirky cosmetics, hair color and makeup looks that have consistently blown up on Instagram. Today, the brand has a cult following and is beloved for products such as the quartet of Venus palettes, which all began with the original, grunge-inspired Venus with a color palette that could make the consumer look like a work of Renaissance art themselves, as well as handle casual, everyday looks. If you’re wondering where this all began, then you need to in dive into the background of the creator of this funky and youthful line.


As a child, Deere was imaginative and passionate about color. Whether the source of the color was her art supplies, her mother’s makeup or her clothes, it was something that she was drawn toward and passionate about. Fast forward to 2004 and she was opening an eBay store for her fashion line with the name “limecrime,” the same as her favorite color but also a metaphor for breaking the rules of convention and being unafraid to be different. This would eventually become the name of her cosmetics line, which she would launch in 2008.


When it comes to success, Deere considers herself successful when her audience is excited to wear her brand. But that isn’t enough for her, as she is always thinking ahead and has plans for the future of Lime Crime. She also wants the cosmetics brand to continue to become better and better, while still staying true to its roots.


What she considers her greatest success, in regards to her product line, is her liquid-to-matte lipstick. This lipstick starts wet and dries a cool matte but without having the typical problems of this type of product, which is wearing off easily throughout the day and transferring onto anything that your lips come into contact with. Not only that but Deere is quite proud of Lime Crime’s Velvetines line, both the matte and metallic, which is entirely vegan. All of Lime Crime’s products have been certified by Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free, as well, which is quite the accomplishment.


Lime Crime has continued to create successful, Instagram-worthy products that Unicorns – fans of Lime Crime who embrace their uniqueness – have been thrilled about. They recently released the Venus 3 palette which takes the grunge look of the original two pallets and makes it pretty in pink with a variety of shades of pink, purple and brown. Learn more: