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The RealReal- RealReal Upscale Fashion for a Bargain

The fashion industry is being taken over by a new wave: second-hand and consignment shops are steadily growing in popularity. There are even consignment shops popping up online. Why pay full price for the luxury, upscale clothing you love so dearly? There are many stores to choose from, virtually and brick/mortar, but one to truly keep your eye on is The RealReal.

Started in 2011, The RealReal wanted to offer a luxury shopping experience but at more down-to-earth prices. So they created a space for selling second-hand name-brand clothing and accessories at more reasonable prices. When creating this space, The RealReal made quality their top priority. They take items in great condition, or if something is amiss (missing button, frayed, etc), they price it accordingly. The RealReal also has a strict verification process they train all of their employees on, so there are no fakes here, folks.

Their Instagram is a work of art all in itself. And if you look, you can see they’ve curated a page that beautifully showcases their items. The pic of the Gucci jelly sandals, for example. The picture highlights the quality of the shoes, and the great condition they’re in. Or the beautifully contrasting photograph of the yellow faux fur Calvin Klein coat. The stunning beaded Chanel handbag, the photo taken in the sunlight to truly showcase the intended effects of the piece. The cool thing is, you can shop right off of their page! They have a store in SoHo, but if you’re nowhere near it, or just to lazy to go (no judgements), they make it easy to purchase the items you want, right at your fingertips! The RealReal is the real deal. Check them out for some fun fashion finds!

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