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Waiakea Volcanic Water gives you a short vacation to Hawaii

The eyes of the world are currently focused on Hawaii. The Kilauea volcano, which has been erupting since 1983 has recently become more active. At the time of writing, geologists are expecting new volcanic fissures to erupt. Homeowners near the path of the lava nervously await orders from civil defense authorities. Waiakea Volcanic Water does not come near or from the slopes of Kilauea. It comes from the slopes of Mount Loa on a different island. The slopes of Mount Loa are absent of volcanic activity, much to the relief of that island’s inhabitants.

While people are rightfully concerned about those who live on the big island of Hawaii, there are other climatological disasters, including man made ones, that people should worry about. The owner of the Waiakea company wants to make sure that its packaging is sourced from sustainable sources. Its bottles can be easily recycled, and the water comes from sustainable, organic sources.

The spring used to fill the bottles is near the extinct volcanic mountain. The basalt slopes provide a clean, drinkable product that is more than just filtered tap water. Each bottle of Waiakea Volcanic Water contains a slightly alkaline beverage that is rich in electrolytes. Drinking the product daily can prevent cramping during the summer and can help balance the body’s pH.

The benefits are one reason to drink the water, but the best reason to drink any beverage is that the consumer enjoys the taste. The same process that gives Waiakea its health benefits also gives it a unique taste. Even if someone cannot go to the tropical islands by themselves, they can do the next best thing. They can order a supply of the bottled water for themselves. One taste will take you to a sunny beach next to the ocean. It is much cheaper than taking a vacation to Hawaii.

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Elysium Health Provides a New Option to Support Long-Term Health: Basis

For people looking to support their cellular health, and their overall well-being as a result, Elysium Health has created a supplement called Basis. The company’s founder, and its chief scientist, is Dr. Leonard Guarente. Throughout his career he has conducted research on the genetic and molecular causes of aging while working at MIT. Along with his fellow scientists, Dr. Guarente has put over 25 years worth of research into what has become Basis once he established Elysium Health in 2014.

The Science Behind Basis

Some of our essential cellular functions tend to function less optimally as we get older. This can is thought to be partially attributed to the decline of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ is a critical coenzyme that helps with many vital cellular functions like energy creation, circadian rhythms, DNA protection, and others. Basis works to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells and support our cellular health as a result.

First-in-Humans Study

To demonstrate that Basis could indeed increase NAD+ levels within the body, Elysium Health conducted a clinical trial in 2016. The study had a total of 120 participants drawn from both genders that were all between the ages of 60 and 80. The participants were divided into three groups, with one taking a placebo, one taking the recommended dose of Basis, and one taking a double dose.

The findings concluded that those who took the recommended dose of Basis over the course of four weeks saw an average increase in NAD+ levels of 40 percent. The increase was sustained at eight weeks.

Recommended Use

Basis is designed for long-term use. Elysium Health recommends you take two tablets of the supplement per day. You can purchase Basis on the company’s website. An individual jar of Basis contains 60 tablets and costs $60. Monthly subscriptions to the supplement are available and those bring the price per jar down to between $40 and $50.

Those with dietary restrictions will be encouraged to know that Basis is vegetarian, vegan, gluten- and nut-free, and contains no artificial additives or colors.

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