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Inmate Communication

Securus Technologies Developed Drone Technology to Prevent Breach of Prisons by Drones

Drones are not just toys anymore. They are being used for many different purposes and have made many professions much more exciting. But, when these drones go into the hands of the wrong people, it can be more than just a nuisance. People often think that prisons are safe and cannot be breached. But, the prison system is not foolproof and with advancing technology it has become much difficult to secure it from criminals. The inmates have friends and families outside who would like them to have better lives inside the prison. For this, they smuggle in illegal things such as drugs, tobacco, and even pornography materials. Criminals are using drones to deliver these materials to the inmates as it is difficult for them to find a guard who would be willing to accept money to deliver them to the inmates. Drones allow them to be discreet and not be within the perimeter of the prison where they can be quickly caught. Thus, it has become essential for the prisons to move beyond high walls and to do something about the use of drones in prisons or they can result in dangerous situations.


One of the most noted companies in the correctional sphere that has helped the entire sector transform in the last few years is Securus Technologies. Many other correctional firms have been trying hard to compete with Securus Technologies and take the lead, but the pioneering technologies developed by Securus Technologies continue to outdo all the other correctional firms put together. Securus Technologies was established in the year 1986 and since then has become a famous and the most reliable name in the correctional sphere, currently serving more than 1.2 million inmates. Securus Technologies has contracts with more than 3,450 correctional firms, which showcases the popularity of the company in the correctional domain.


Securus Technologies has been able to take the lead for so long because not only the company has developed unique and innovative technologies, but is also known for its customer service. The customer service offered by Securus Technologies is next to none, and it has been able to win the trust of its millions of consumers. Securus Technologies has pioneered the correctional and criminal justice technology over the years, which has helped in keeping the prisons safe as well as modern. With time, the correctional technology is changing, and Securus Technologies is playing a crucial role in doing that. The company has more than seventy patents to its name, which is a number that is expected to grow in near future as Securus Technologies continues to invest millions in research and development. It also has a technology center in Dallas, TX, which is open to investors and customers.



Inmate Communication

The Making Of A Leader In The Inmate Communication Industry

Securus Technologies prides itself as a leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions. With the backing of leading industry players and providing solutions that are geared towards safety, we have surpassed our close competitors. In fact we are serving close to 2600 correctional facilities in 45 states. Also, we have our main office in Dallas with additional four regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas, Metro Area.



Securus Goes Head-To-Head with GTL



Securus is now challenging it’s main competitor, GTL to have an independent judge evaluate who has the best and largest product set in terms of sophistication of the mobile telephony. Among the key areas that are to be analyzed include who has the best customer service as well as a sophisticated telephone calling platform. GTL has for a long term boasted of their technology being better than ours but that has to be put to test.



At Securus, we have heavily invested in product development, technologies, and acquisition of companies, which have costed the company over $700 – far from the overall investment made by GTL. GTL was at par with us a few years ago given that we both employed older, less efficient, and primary based systems that were not fully centralized. That said, times have changed and now we own a large product set of valuable services geared towards different correctional facilities.



At Securus Technologies, we have also invested in domestic based call center and GTL outsources most part of its customer service. Additionally, Securus has trained field technicians as opposed to GTL who contracts most part of the work from non-employees who have vested interest in serving the clients.



Inmate Communication

With Securus Technologies, The Public Is Safe

A company, known as Securus Technologies is making huge advances in the safety field. They know that this is important to the public, and the people want to know more about what they do. Since they care about the people, they invited them to their plant in Dallas, TX to visit and look around. They will receive a tour and presentation so that they can understand the latest technologies that the company is working on, and why they are so important. It will be a very good thing for people to do because they will be amazed at what this company can do. People will be able to ask questions too, and they will be fascinated with the technologies and expertise that is involved in what this company can do.


They have just implemented a new technology with the correction facilities, which is working fantastically. It is called the Wireless Containment Solution. With the Wireless Containment Solution, the facilities can stop more crimes from happening. For instance, the inmates were using cell phones and devices to access the wireless networks. They were contacting people outside the facilities to commit crimes for them.


They were unsuccessful in their attempts to create the technology. That is why Securus Technologies is the leader in the field, and they will continue to do great things for the country and the world in an effort to make it safer for all involved.


Securus Technologies is leading the public safety industry for all their work they have done in both the criminal and civil sectors of the justice system. They work for the government regularly, and they deal with over a million prisoners all the time. They use monitoring, investigating and videotaping to make it safer for the whole population. The company is dedicated to making the country and the world a safer place. Since they are committed to do so, the public will hear a lot more about them in the future.