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Baltimore Real Estate Industry through the Eyes of Todd Lubar

Baltimore every now and then gets negative publicity in national news. Viewers who let this publicity skew their views on Baltimore generally fail to see the things that Baltimore has going for it. In Charm City, for instance, there are real estate opportunities that are turning heads in the real estate sector.


Today, Baltimore transforms old structures into ‘chic apartment buildings‘. Historic landmarks are also converted in the process. An illustration of this trend is the conversion of 10 Light Street ground level into a training centre and gymnasium. The historic building of the ‘Bank of America now houses one of the priciest apartments in the area.

Cost of Living

In comparison to Washington, Baltimore’s ‘cost of living’ is relatively lower. It has become the magnet for young couples and recent graduates. Indeed young professionals are buying homes here and getting job opportunities to boost their young careers. The unemployment rate continues to improve and the possibility of wage increment adds to the reason why Baltimore will continue to do well. The wage situation promises to improve and this will in turn improve the purchasing power of residents and give entrepreneurs and business developers more reason to invest in commercial infrastructure.

New Business

Startups tend to do well in Baltimore. This is the same for young professionals and families looking for a place to settle and grow roots. There is opportunity here for startups though they are in short supply due to the limitation of entrepreneurship minded folk. Under Armour is a good example of a startup that has done well in Baltimore. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Harbor East

This area has continued to draw young professionals due to its infrastructure. Condominiums are in plenty though somewhat expensive. There are new buildings coming up which will double the options for buyers. Hotels and shops looking to expand are shopping for real estate here and with this potential there is the probability of job opportunities rising.


Todd Lubar attended a Washington DC school: Sidwell Friends School. He was there between the years of ‘1977 and 1987’. His high school, in New Jersey, was Peddie School. Lubar went to Syracuse University where he earned his speech communication degree.

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