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My Insight versus Hair Cleansing Adventures with the Granddaddy of Cleansing Conditioners, Wen by Chaz Dean

I started my exploration into hair cleansing products seven years ago during my vegan revolution. It makes perfect sense in concept, why are there harsh chemicals in shampoo that destroy hair? Instead of destructive chemicals, a relatively new concept emerged. Cleaning hair with a non-toxic formula that doesn’t strip. For consumers that love tons of foam and are used to seeing their shampoo perform like soap, cleansing cleansers might be a tough ritual to embrace. I love and firmly endorse the theory behind cleansing formulas. I have such fanatical tendencies, that no matter what side effect, I would use a hair cleanser over shampoo.

Wen by Chaz Dean was the first product to start the shampoo overthrow revolution. There have been duplicators since then, but few have come close to Wen hair. Wen has actually improved their business model in the last decade. They have introduced new recipes, expanded ordering channels such as QVC, and enhanced their product line. They boast natural ingredients with exotic concoctions such as Mandarin Italian fig. Lovely. So when I stumbled upon the hair cleansing adventures of another Wen consumer, I was mesmerized by her journey.

The user tries Wen for seven days and includes helpful hair selfies, all while documenting her daily experiences at

The first two days, Emily McClure, the author of the article, applies excess amounts of Wen. After regulating the amount necessary for her hair, Emily has wonderful results. Smooth and shiny hair, better yet, her hair loss has stopped! The next three days, she experiments with styling options after Wen treatments. The last two days she settles into a Wen rhythm and streamlines the application process. Emily journals how her hair is so luscious, that friends have taken note of the glorious Wen-enhanced locks. Towards the end, Emily recommends the product, with a warning clause for fine hair users.

I agree with Emily’s review. Me being a coarse hair girl, it is interesting to read about the exploits of my fine hair sisters. In fact, it is such an important point that it happens to be the title of Emily’s article, “I Used Cleansing Conditioner on my Fine hair and Here’s What Happened.” Fine hair takes sparing amounts of conditioner and very little heat usually. If you would like to hear more about Wen by Chaz and the 7-day experiment by Emily McClure, the link is as follows.