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Jeff Herman Has An Excellent Background


For people that are victims of crimes of a sexual nature, Jeff Herman is the lawyer that can help them. He is a practiced and dedicated lawyer with these types of cases. After he acquired his education and practiced law, he decided to open his own firm. Herman Law specializes in taking clients that are victims of rape, sexual exploitation and assault of a sexual nature.


His Skill Is Amazing


Jeff Herman presents his cases tremendously in a court of law. He is able to win his clients the money that they need to move on with their lives. They use the money to repair their lives in many ways. His clients are extremely grateful that he has the ability to win these types of cases. Herman is known around the nation for doing great work.


Victims Of These Crimes Should Also Seek Counseling


When a person has been through these types of crimes, they will benefit highly from counseling. Counseling can help them to move past the things that have happened to them that were awful. The counselors specialize in giving people the skills that they need in order to pick up the pieces and live a full life again. Refer to This Article for more information.


Jeff Herman Is A Man Of Conviction


In his personal and professional life, Jeff Herman is someone who wants to make the perpetrators of these types of crimes pay. They will have to face what they did to his clients that they victimized. He is respected in the professional realm, as well as the personal one. People really look up to him for standing up and protecting the victims.


Moving into the future, Jeff Herman will continue to take on cases that he will win. He is passionate about this, and his law firm specializes in it. When someone needs a lawyer that is good at these types of cases, they need to get in contact with Jeff Herman’s law firm on


Attorney Jeff Herman Lawyer Litigation Lawyer Trial Attorney

Jeff Herman Is Empowering Victims Of Sexual Abuse To Take Back Their Lives

Nationally recognized attorney Jeff Herman is at the forefront in the fight against sexual abuse and exploitation. Jeff has dedicated his career as a trial lawyer to representing and helping those victims receive the proper restitution for the criminal trauma foisted upon them.


Jeff is tenacious and untiring in his effort to seek healing, empowerment, and justice. He has handled high-profile sexual abuse civil cases in several states on a contingency-fee basis since the 90s. Regardless of whether the crime stems from clergy abuse, the Boy Scouts, residential care facilities, hospitals, day cares or foster care, Jeff has worked rigorously for his clients in the pursuit of justice.


Out of his Boca Raton based law firm, Herman Law, Jeff leads a highly skilled team of litigators, prosecutors, investigators, and support staff whom recognize the sensitive nature of these crimes and understand how to navigate the law. To date, Herman Law has represented 1,000+ victims in civil abuse cases with a proven track record with over $200 million in settlements and verdicts.


Jeff and his team pride themselves on being proactive, and aggressive in assisting their clients. His national reputation for advocacy against exploitation and first rate prosecution has earned him many notable accolades. Jeff Herdsman has been featured on CNN, HLN, FOX News and other outlets due to his expertise and over 30 years of experience. Recognized as the country’s top attorney in the field, he has become the default pioneer for victims of sexual abuse. Go To This Page for more information


The dedication and commitment to victims even goes outside of Herman Law and the courtroom. Jeff also volunteers his time to abuse prevention through Community Advocacy and Vigilance, and is involved with organizations tasked with protecting children from predators. Comprehensive education is key to Jeff and his team. He spend his time training law enforcement personnel on properly and effectively interviewing victims of such abuses.






Attorney Jeff Herman Lawyer Litigation Lawyer Trial Attorney

Jeff Herman, Special Victims Attorney

Jeff Herman, nationally-recognized attorney for special victims of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation has been inspired by his own devotion to uncover the ring of sexual abuse concerning children. Herman has become committed to a career of exposing child predators and the institutions that protect them.


This trailblazing lawyer is known for revealing the clergy members involved in sexual abuse scandals throughout Miami as well as across the country. Herman won a Landmark Case With A $100 Million Verdict for a special victim’s client who had been sexually abused by their priest in 2011. Most recently, he made national headlines when he represented numerous male clients in special victim’s sexual abuse suits against Kevin Clash, the former Elmo puppeteer.


Herman’s law firm Herman Law is located in Boca Raton and is devoted solely to representing the special victims of sexual abuse based civil suits throughout the nation.


Outside the courtroom, the high-profile attorney continues to “shine the light” on sexual abuse. He has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes and New York magazine and he has been a featured expert on CNN, FOX, HLN, and MSNBC. Herman is also active on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. He also has inspiring videos on YouTube.


Appearing in numerous magazines and having been featured on several news and talk shows, Herman keeps the light shining bright on sexual predators, inside and outside of the courtroom.


Jeff Herman has been publicly recognized for the child forensic interviewing technique that he developed and he fully trains professionals from different child welfare organizations to help children that have been sexually abused, heal through disclosure.


Jeff Herman has been nationally recognized as a special victim’s trial attorney and advocates for survivors of sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation. Herman is passionate, competitive, enthusiastic and skilled. He’s trailblazing the representation of special victims and devotes 100% of his legal practice to defending these victims. Throughout his career he’s represented over a thousand courageous special victims.


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