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NGP VAN Continues To Lead The Resistance

The political climate of 2018 has been unsettled in terms of the Congressional state of affairs with Democrats from the grassroots level to Washington D.C. leading a change in the tide of Republicans winning seats from dog-catcher to the Senate and Congress. One group which has been at the forefront of the rising level of resistance in NGP VAN, a Democrat-supported group which has recently created an Online video showing how they appreciate the support of the grassroots Democrats who have changed the way the U.S. political landscape looks.

NGP VAN has taken on a range of different roles for Democrats who are looking for a different way of approaching campaigning since the 2016 elections saw the victory of Republican President Donald Trump. Among the services offered by NGP VAN is the management of volunteers and fundraising options which make all the difference in making sure a campaign runs smoothly; other services include more in-depth campaign options including donor targeting and contribution tracking to identify areas of strength and weakness among supporters.

In the video produced by the group, a look back at the political year from the view of Democrats is undertaken heading all the way back to the shock of the so-called “Muslim travel ban” of 2017 and the women’s marches which have proven such a success for liberal groups. NGP VAN explains Democrats and liberal independents have rarely been so engaged at grassroots level targeting a range of Republican strongholds during special elections which have led to major gains for Democrats.

NGP VAN looks back at the many different ways Democrats have been engaging with voters from traditional phone calls to creating social media posts in a bid to overcome the rising tide of right-wing rhetoric overtaking the GOP. NGP VAN explains the mood of resistance must now turn to the 2018 special elections which will be a chance for the group to work with even more left-leaning candidates to provide support for candidates across the U.S.