Cutting-Edge Technology & Great Service: OSI Group

We are living in some of the most modern of times. Technology is truly running the game and just about every contemporary industry uses some form of advanced technology. When it comes to foodservices, this particular industry is very technologically advanced. OSI Group, a premier wholesaler of food products, rank at the top of the list, especially when it comes to the use of cutting-edge technology in foodservices. This company is simply amazing, and it’s simply huge. OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has advanced facilities all over the globe. These facilities are test kitchens, pilot plants, offices and culinary-innovation centers.

During the 1980s, OSI Group would experience a change. At this point in time, the company had already established itself as a major player in the wholesale food service industry. By acquiring Sheldon Lavin as its CEO, the company was taken to an all-new level. Lavin’s extended educational-base in finance has helped the company to secure numerous high-profile deals. During Lavin’s era, the company has acquired some of the industry’s top foodservice providers, including Flagship Europe and BAHO Food. The guy has up to 30 years of experience under his belt. The substantial growth of OSI has continued to this very day. In 2011, the company brought in over $3 billion in revenue. Fast-forward through another five years and the company has topped $6 billion in revenue. The important of Sheldon Lavin as the company’s chief executive officer can’t be put into words.

OSI Group’s cutting-edge technology has yielded excellent results in a number of ways. Thanks to this advanced technology, the company has grown into a fine custom-food producer. The R&D specialists here are highly trained, and they’ll provide excellent work that comes from the client’s specific instructions. Food-to-table is no longer a term, it’s a reality. OSI Group is simply winning in this demanding game, and it’s setting new trends along the way.

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