*Daniel Taub a true leader and professional

Daniel Taub is an Diplomat, International Attorney as well as accomplished Writer. Daniel Taub is currently the Director of Planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation which is located in Jerusalem.

Daniel Taub had held a variety of Political positions throughout his career. In addition, Taub is an expert in International Law. He is particularly knowledgeable in areas of terrorism as well as specific laws pertaining to war. For a time, Daniel Taub was directly involved with the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Mr. Taub served as a chief legal adviser to the Israeli Missions. In addition, Daniel Taub was directly involved with Palestine Peace Negotiations. He also represented the Red Cross Society after the society had been excluded and went into seclusion for over fifty years.

In late 2011, Daniel Taub was appointed Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. After being appointed Ambassador, Taub did encounter much opposition however, it was soon realized that Daniel Taub was an obvious and worthy choice for Ambassador to the Court of Saint James.

Daniel Taub is a well established public speaker. He has been interviewed on a variety of radio as well as Television stations within the US and the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub has appeared on Television programs including Sky-News, CNN as well as the program Hard-Talk.

It seems the public is always interested in hearing what Daniel Taub has to say concerning International law and foreign affairs. Daniel Taub was the first and only Ambassador to be interviewed on BBC Network.

Taub has close ties to the British Jewish Community. Daniel Taub also taught Hebrew and Bible study for a brief period of time. Daniel Taub believes in the importance of the Jewish people being able to re-trace their ancestry through research and investigative study organizations. Daniel Taub strongly supports organizations of this kind.

In 2013, Daniel Taub was honored with the Grassroot Diplomat Award. Taub was given this award for his strong support of start-up companies as well as his support for up and coming business leaders. Daniel Taub is also an advocate and strong supporter of leadership roles within business organizations.

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