Dick DeVos: The Philanthropist Who Changed The City Of Grand Rapids

In 1990, citizens of Grand Rapids in Michigan were offered a proposal for the set up of a multi-purpose stadium. It was a plan that was put forth with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and was something that seemed to be beneficial for the overall development of the state. The proposed idea was put forward with the intention of bringing forth some positive appreciation for the town through sports. The conceptualizers of this idea thought by bringing in big sporting teams into the scene, they would be able to improve the economy of the city.


However, not everyone thought this would actually work out the way that it was intended to. One of the bigger opposers to this idea was Dick DeVos, a man who has actively worked throughout his career to bring prosperity to the state. His opinion was that a multi-purpose stadium was not the best idea for the benefit of the city. His backing for this statement was the stadium that was constructed in Detroit just a few years before. The stadium there was something that people thought would bring an incredible amount of benefit to the city. However, outside of the occasional sporting seasons, the stadium did not see much use. There were very few events there are the city started seeing losses as opposed to profits because of the upkeep that was needed to keep the stadium functional. DeVos expressed that this was something that could also affect the people living in Grand Rapids, who are likely to experience a similar impact of the proposed stadium.


The counterproposal that DeVos put forth was that of constructing a number of recreational centers for the benefit of the city. These centers weren’t sites that would be used by large prominent personalities, but would be places that regular people could go to and partake in the activity of their choice. After much consideration, the city council decided to side with DeVos and has had a positive experience with the recreational centers constructed on his consideration.


This was just one of the many examples of beneficial deeds that DeVos has partaken in for the benefit of his home state. He has also partaken in a number of philanthropic ventures that have enabled him to help the people in need. For someone who is looking to bring forward a positive change, he has indeed been able to help a large number of people.


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