Discovering the Beauty That Is Lime Crime

If you’re familiar with the cosmetics industry, you might have heard of a popular compnay called Lime Crime, owned by Doe Deere. Doe Deere has such an interesting backstory and personality and has found great success with her company in a short amount of time. The Russia native came to New York as a teenager to find success, and she certainly did just that. Lime Crime is known and loved worldwide, thanks to it’s unique style.


As a teenager, Doe was just as creative and different in her style. She would draw temporary tattoos and sell them on the streets of New York for extra cash. She was also a musician, long before Lime Crime, so her creativity and entrepreneurial drive was always there. When she thought of the idea for bolder makeup, it was not the current trend. She took the risk though, with the hopes that other people were longing for a much more unique and bold style when it came to cosmetics, and indeed, that is what they were looking for!


Doe Deere uses social media to show off her line of cosmetics and her personality. She believes that color is a type a self expression and a lot of her “unicorns” have been able to identify with that same feeling. Doe is often known as the “Queen of her Unicorns,” because so many fans look up to her ability to be confident and express herself through color and fashion. Lime Crime has allowed so many other people to feel that same confidence.


Lime Crime cosmetics features beautiful, bold shades of lip colors, eye palettes and so much more. If you are looking to be different and really express yourself through your looks, Lime Crime allows you to do that. You won’t find another brand of makeup that has all the glitter, matte and shiny tones that are offered with Doe Deere’s incredible company.


Doe Deere took her passion for cosmetics, color and self expression and created an entire empire with millions of fans. She brought something totally different to the cosmetics industry and it was an overnight success. Learn more:

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