Don’t Neglect Getting A Great Diet With The OSI Food Group

Many families today, want nothing more than to eat healthy. They would like to guarantee they’re feeding their family a smart meal, but also one they can afford. The OSI Industries Food Group has been able to give the food service industry a century of excellence. The OSI mission has always been to make the food industry a better place. Their CEO and well known businessman, David A. McDonald, has been able to attract other popular food industry professionals to adopt their sustainability model. Their food service team has been able to introduce an organic line of rich all-natural processed food products.

OSI Professional Business News

The OSI Industries Group has been able to give their international partners a secure food partnership. They’ve partnered with the Dutch, Baho Food Group and increased their business portfolio. OSI recognized their large food audience and will promote their organic vegetables to their residents. You have an opportunity to learn more about their professional business deals from their Wikipedia website. Their small start as a meat processing company began in Aurora, Illinois. The unique OSI Industries Foods network has also partnered with Flagship Europe and doubled their global chicken production. Their other international deals include a 20 year relationship with China.

Recent Food Industry Charity News

The OSI team has been able to give their local area charities along with international humanitarian relief. Their tremendous executive team of professionals are dedicated to helping their food service customers with more than a delicious and nutritious meal by creating jobs. His team backed job initiative has created at least 7,000 jobs worldwide. They focus on at-risk adults and children with needs. Retaining and creating jobs continues to be important to OSI. Get a diet you can trust by dining with the OSI Industries Food Group.

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