Felipe Montoro Hails the Education Sector PPP as the Largest Ever

Felipe Montoro explains that the PPP arrangement in Rio de Janeiro. Mr. Montoro is an experienced infrastructure specialist that the municipality of Rio has engaged as part of a large team to see the giant PPP project completed successfully. Mr. Montoro explains that the Public Private Partnership in Rio de Janeiro is meant for the construction of over 40, 000 pre-school institutions within the jurisdiction of the municipality. He adds that the PPP will also include the construction of 20, 000 early childhood centers to be spread across the city.

The Players in the PPP

Felipe Montoro Jens elaborates that the PPP includes the International Finance Corporation which has been contracted for advisory services regarding the development of the project. He points out that the project is among those targeted by the World Bank in developing countries. The Mayor of Rio De Janeiro also announced that the Education sector PPP was the first in the city, following the integration of the private sector in the development plans by government authorities. He further explained that PPPs are a way of expediting development projects in situations where the government does not have sufficient financial resources. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

Mr. Marcelo Crivella further elaborated that the Public Private Partnership has been crafted in a way that grants each of the partners their clear legally binding responsibility. He said that the consultation services provided by IFC will cost R $2.3 million. Montoro further clarified that IFC remains the main private sector partner in development. The Rio project is the same as the Public-Private Partnership that was inaugurated way back in 2012. The whole plan is based on the 2004 law that opened up cooperation and partnerships between the public sector and the private sector in the implementation of projects. Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens expressed his optimism that was informed by the fact that Mr. Marcelo Crivello’s term remained until the time when the PPP project is estimated to be completed.


Marcello Crivello, who is the Rio de Janeiro Mayor explained that the private partners will be responsible for the actual construction of the EIDs, which is the shorthand for Infant Education Units while the Municipality will be in charge of implementing the learning in the centers.

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