Fortress Investment Group Is Making A Big Difference For South Florida Commuters:

Anyone who has ever done the commute between the Florida cities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami knows that it is a frustrating one. This commute can take anywhere from half an hour to hours depending on traffic, despite the close proximity of the two cities. This problem is being addressed now though by Wes Edens of Fortress Investment Group and his Brightline passenger train line. This train is forming new and vital commuter lifeline between Miami and Fort Lauderdale that is changing the commuter experience. The service started in May of 2018. This outstanding service is now running between the two cities several different times per day. It really is looking to become the choice for commuters in south Florida. These south Florida residents also get the benefit of the free wifi that is offered on the train as well as its great food service.

Fortress Investment Group, the owners of Brightline, are considering trying to implement this kind of commuter train service in numerous other cities across the United States that would be ideal for this kind of convenient train service. Chief Executive Officer West Edens is hoping to soon be able to extend the scope of services in south Florida for the time being. One area that is looking like an ideal spot to try this kind of train service elsewhere is the area between major Texas cities Houston and Dallas. St. Louis to Chicago might also be a legitimate possibility for Fortress Investment Group to expand the service to.

A great side benefit of Brightline is that due to its current accomplishments and also its future plans, it is expected that the real estate prices of the stations it serves will be increased. As its popularity grows, more U.S. cities will clamour for the service to come to their area. This is of course a side benefit to the largest benefit that Brightline offers. That benefit is the improvement in the lives of the people who are able to make use of this valuable service. The way that the service eases customer’s commute makes it a great addition to any community and this is something that Fortress Investment Group is very proud of.

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