Herbalife Nutrition works with Fashion Institute

Herbalife is a brand for weight management and proper nutrition. It was founded in the year 1980 by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles, California, with about 8,000 employees according to Wikipedia. The brand operates out of 95 countries total with many different distributors. Herbalife started out from humble beginnings as the founder Hughes began selling the weight management product from the trunk of his car and the motivation to start it was helping others as his mother died from an eating disorder and from losing weight unhealthily.


An article by directsellingnews.com lists a challenge that Herbalife took a part in as they collaborated with another company called Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The event was done in recognition of back to school and is a part of a special program too. Students from the Fashion Institute were split into teams at the event to work on a design that would fit Herbalife’s mission – to represent their healthy and ongoing lifestyle. After completing the design, the students will present it to the team at Herbalife and faculty members of the school. The difficult part then is how to market the concept to the public, which the students will have to figure out on their very own.


Herbalife chose to do the partnership with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising because of the renown name and being a top school when it comes to fashion and design. It also provides a good experience to students and the chance to provide for the next generation. About 15 students were taken to participate in the event and it will continue into late spring of 2019. The partnership has been going on for quite some time, 26 years to be exact. Renown sports brand Nike has also done something like this for students. Students by participating will learn about the business world, learn more about Herbalife, and how to market products to the public. The impact that athletes make will be addressed too. Travel is included with the program as participants will travel the world speaking with Herbalife leaders and attend meetings.





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