Launching A Lifetime of Learning at Rocketship Education

Lower-income families in California daily struggle to get their kids the quality education they deserve. Technology isn’t readily accessible and many students miss out on opportunities to learn. The need for proper education to be accessible prompted the establishment of Rocketship Education. As the name suggests these schools provide services that help launch a lifetime of learning.

Rocketship Education has come under attack by critics but has proven that their methodology works to bring low-income students up-to-speed as a functioning member of society. When the first school opened its doors in 2006, it was basically to give students in low-income communities an alternative to traditional public schools. The demand for better education drove Preston Smith, CEO and co-founder of the Rocketship Education network to launch the concept of individualized learning.

Individualized learning isn’t a new concept. Rocketship Education took the model from other charter school programs and enhanced it to bring it to those who needed it the most. The whole concept of building up communities through technological advancement is also not new. Parents understand that their child is being left behind because they have no resources available. Rocketship Education is not focused entirely on technology but utilizes technology as a tool to help students achieve excellence. The responsible use of technology is a key component for effective learning. Rocketship Education utilizes 5 different programs that focus on different areas of the curriculum. An important component of this type of learning environment is that students aren’t always on the computers. The lab rotation model works because students are immersed in the subject matter in an interactive way.

Rocketship Education’s model has caught on. Treating students and teachers with respect pays dividends down the road when students become active and functioning members of the community at large. Rocketship Education now has charter schools in Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C.

Public education is still important. The debate of public vs private charter schools is ongoing. As was mentioned earlier Rocketship Education focuses on giving low-income students opportunities for education that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Parents are clamoring for this type of education for their kids.

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