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FlavioMaluf Gives Tax Incentives Insights For Businesses

Many entrepreneurs might not consider establishing a business in Brazil due to the tax burdens. Flavio Maluf, the President of the company Eucatex, indicates that some tactics can help entrepreneurs overcome the thought of tax burdens. There is a proposal currently in place to address this situation.

A Fiscal Tax Incentive program has been proposed, and the idea is to allow businesses to use money that would have been earmarked for tax payments and instead direct this money to social projects. The money would not go directly to the government but instead would help fund scientific research, health programs, sporting events, and technological advances. This money would help the projects and give the economy a boost. Plus, it would encourage social development. View

Of course, businesses will still have to pay, but it will now be used to sponsor social and cultural projects that would not only benefit Brazil but help the company. Flavio Maluf believes that the benefit of this program is in associating the companies name to the sponsorship of the social or cultural projects. It would help the companies public image and improve its standing within the community. Flavio stresses that the business owner should think of this cost as a saving in advertising expenses.

Entrepreneurs who are trying to decide if they want to establish a business in Brazil should also take into account that Brazil offers other incentives. There are incentives that are offered by region, state, federal, and also public administration incentives. There are several regions within Brazil that offer tax incentives to encourage entrepreneurs to establish businesses there and create jobs for the local population. The people who find work at these businesses will then spend the money they earn at other local businesses, and this will uplift the local economy. The public administration offers additional tax incentives to companies that operate in certain business sectors, and the incentives can take the form of tax exemptions, compensation, or tax reductions. Typically the companies that get public administration tax incentives operate in fields that will create jobs and boost the economy like information technology, export companies and the agricultural field. View:

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Dr. Saad Saad Is A Pediatrician And An Inventor

Dr. Saad Saad has created to patents that are truly lifesaving to children all over the world. These two inventions are widely used by doctors all over the place and they are happy they were created.


The first invention is a suction device connected to an endoscope that allows doctors to not lose visual eye contact with the last place where the endoscope was inside a patient’s body. Endoscopes are little cameras that help doctors see inside a patient’s body for foreign objects that a child may have swallowed or possible problems. This not only allows doctors to see inside a patient’s windpipe or throat, but also inside their stomach, colon, and bladder. This device is quite useful but poses one problem. Because the body is full of fluids and such, the endoscopes get covered with liquid and gets fogged up so doctors cannot see anything. They have to remove the endoscope and then insert a suction device to remove the fluid. In the process of doing this the doctor loses sight of where the endoscope was last and they have to start all over again. This process can be quite time consuming and not enjoyable to the patient. That is why Dr. Saad Saad created a device that connected the endoscope and a suction device so that the doctor would not have to lose eye sight where they last left off. They can just seamlessly continue the process and shorten down the time it takes to do it by a lot.


The other patent is a a electromagnetic location identification device that located catheters inside a patient’s body. Catheters are a very practical device that has a multitude of uses including to drain gases, drain fluids, and help give access to surgical instruments. Because they are put inside the body they can be difficult to locate, so they use certain methods to find them. One of them is to use an MRI machine to scan the body to locate the catheter. Not every situation is ideal to use and MRI device because they are gigantic and very heavy. They other option to locate a catheter are X-rays. Now they are not unsafe to use but do expose patients to low doses of radiation every time they have to do one. Fortunately, Dr. Saad Saad was very aware of this issue and created a very portable and easy to use. It uses electromagnetic location to find the catheter. There is two parts to this device including an external and internal device. Once those two devices connected and the catheter is perpendicular to external device, the external device lights up. This is a way less invasive way to find the catheter so patients and doctors alike are thanking Dr. Saad Saad for his incredible device.


Dr. Saad Saad has performed thousands of surgeries ranging from very simple to complex. He even worked for Saudi Royalty at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. He earned his medical degree at Cairo University and has worked as a pediatrician for almost 50 years. Learn more:

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Cutting-Edge Technology & Great Service: OSI Group

We are living in some of the most modern of times. Technology is truly running the game and just about every contemporary industry uses some form of advanced technology. When it comes to foodservices, this particular industry is very technologically advanced. OSI Group, a premier wholesaler of food products, rank at the top of the list, especially when it comes to the use of cutting-edge technology in foodservices. This company is simply amazing, and it’s simply huge. OSI Group is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it has advanced facilities all over the globe. These facilities are test kitchens, pilot plants, offices and culinary-innovation centers.

During the 1980s, OSI Group would experience a change. At this point in time, the company had already established itself as a major player in the wholesale food service industry. By acquiring Sheldon Lavin as its CEO, the company was taken to an all-new level. Lavin’s extended educational-base in finance has helped the company to secure numerous high-profile deals. During Lavin’s era, the company has acquired some of the industry’s top foodservice providers, including Flagship Europe and BAHO Food. The guy has up to 30 years of experience under his belt. The substantial growth of OSI has continued to this very day. In 2011, the company brought in over $3 billion in revenue. Fast-forward through another five years and the company has topped $6 billion in revenue. The important of Sheldon Lavin as the company’s chief executive officer can’t be put into words.

OSI Group’s cutting-edge technology has yielded excellent results in a number of ways. Thanks to this advanced technology, the company has grown into a fine custom-food producer. The R&D specialists here are highly trained, and they’ll provide excellent work that comes from the client’s specific instructions. Food-to-table is no longer a term, it’s a reality. OSI Group is simply winning in this demanding game, and it’s setting new trends along the way.

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Banyan Hill Publishing And Ian King’s Expertise

Banyan Hill Publishing is a top trusted provider of investment advice to people both around the United States and around the English-speaking world who internationally invest in financial instruments traded through major financial instrument exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

Very few digital finance publications are fortunate enough to have daily reader bases as large as that of Banyan Hill Publishing, whose readership of 400,000 people increases steadily month after month, a trend that has continued throughout recent years. Read more at Talk Markets.

Banyan Hill Publishing informs its readers on current events in the world of finance and investing and breaks them down in terms that are easy to understand. In particular, Banyan Hill Publishing and its star-studded team of investment professionals – including the likes of cryptocurrency and financial markets expert Ian King – focus on investments in staples like natural resources and other commodities, all stocks outside the large-cap sector, options, and investments people can make outside of financial markets and in one’s own area of residence, including real estate and local bonds.

The site’s history dates back to 1998 when some of the market’s leading individual, personal, and household investment writes came up with The Sovereign Society, a publication that focused on helping people becoming sovereign in their own bubble of support, rather than having to constantly rely on wages, government and family handouts, and other means of producing income.

Banyan Hill Publishing became the new name for The Sovereign Society in 2016 when the company’s management decided to name the online-based publication in favor of one of the widest-branching trees on planet Earth, the banyan tree. Just as the banyan tree covers an extensive area, Banyan Hill Publishing covers its collective base of readers with meaningful, in-depth insights on virtually everything across the world of investing.

Ian King is one of a handful of expert contributors who work for Banyan Hill Publishing. Mr. Ian King was hired by Banyan Hill Publishing’s existing team of highest-level editors in 2017, slightly longer than a full year ago.

He’s written for some of the world’s top publications, including Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, and Investopedia. Ian King Banyan worked in finance for nearly two decades before taking his expertise to writing. Some of the positions he held included a simple desk clerk for the Salomon Brothers – this is the first such job he held – and working in analysis at Citigroup and Peahi Capital. Learn more:


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For InnovaCare Health, Focusing on the Welfare of their Clients and Stakeholders Is The Key.

Dr. Shinto and other key executives like Penelope Kokkinides believe in providing quality medical care for all patients as part of InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Health is a healthcare company that works to provide the top medical support for all patients and beneficiaries. Dr. Rick Shinto has over two decades in areas of operational and clinical healthcare background as it relates to the managed care milieu. Dr. Shinto has worked for the following companies: Aventa Inc., PMC Medicare Choice, Inc., MMM Healthcare Inc., Medical Pathways Management Company, and North American Medical Management.


InnovaCare Health’s ability to provide the best service that they can to their customers is a big part of their InnovaCare Health’s corporate values. In 2016, InnovaCare Health made the big decision to unite and work with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services created the LAN, or Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. It is an initiative that InnovaCare Health truly supports.


The idea behind the Health Care Payment Learning and Action is to focus intently on quality, and not the number of transactions processed by the healthcare companies. The initiative by LAN is a large undertaking as it concerns a transformation to a method of payment in the public and private sector. It is an initiative that InnovaCare Health supports.


CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Shinto, who works with talented executives at InnovaCare like Penelope Kokkinides, who is their Chief Administrative Officer. Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health. Kokkinides agreed in 2015 to join InnovaCare Health a second time. Kokkinides has had some impressive roles in the executive world. She has also been a Corporate Vice President (CVP) at AmeriChoice in the Disease Management and Care Management sector of UnitedHealth Group. While at UnitedHealth Group, Kokkinides played a key role in the creation and implementation of a new healthcare model.


In April 2017, Kokkinides received a special invitation to meet with President Donald Trump in the Roosevelt Room, which is located in the West Wing of the White House. Kokkinides was invited along with seven other women as part of what was deemed the Women in Healthcare panel. One of the discussions at the White House panel was the importance of women’s roles in healthcare. Kokkinides was able to speak about the serious cuts to federal funding concerning Medicare Advantage in Puerto Rico.


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A “Closer” look at Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers

Following the release of “Closer” Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine to discuss the bands particular brand of dance music, how their work has evolved with their rise to fame, and their future in the genre. Alex started DJing in New York as a hobby early in life, but didn’t really take it seriously until he was introduced to Andrew by their mutual manager. Soon after, Drew joined him in New York from his home in Maine, and together they began to pursue music in earnest. The duo was mutually driven to succeed and soon began to shape their identity around their music.

They pursued their passions with the knowledge that it wasn’t just a job, but a journey of self discovery. Their music wasn’t just a way to pay the bills, but a true expression of their core values that people could relate to on a much more intimate level. Artistry was paramount, and Alex was determined to make sure that the duo continued to try new things. Alex was quick to point out that many artists today don’t write lyrics to their own songs. He wanted to do more, and so the duo began to work with the songwriters.

Rather than slap together an album where the songs had nothing in common, the duo wanted to make a succinct production that broke out of the stereotypical DJ album mold. “Closer” provided the duo with the opportunity to not only show case their writing skills, as it was written and sung by Andrew, but also take a step in the right direction in terms of forming their own unique identity. Alex is in awe of the international attention the group has begun to garner on social media sites such as Instagram, and admits that its pretty exciting to see the groups music transcending age and borders. By performing live shows and creating new visual content, Pall hopes to remain at the forefront of the genre and push the boundaries of what it means to be a modern DJ.

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Michael Hagele Success Story

Technology has changed so many things in the market. At the moment, very few people will survive the competitive market if they have not embraced technology in their investments. Individuals who have been wise enough to take on these challenges are enjoying the benefits of their labor. Michael Hagele is among these few people. The serial investor has been fortunate to understand the modern technology better compared to most people, and he has been using this technology to assist his businesses to grow. His story in the market has been shared in so many other platforms so that people can learn and emulate. Michael Hagele is currently working as general counsel for a company that specializes in internet, defense, aerospace and biotechnology.

In the course of his career life, Michael Hagele has been fortunate to land very good deals in large organizations in the market. Working in these companies has prepared him for the global platform, and he has acquired so much knowledge in various departments. After working in these companies for several decades, the businessman has chosen to invest his wealth in ventures that have not disappointed him. Most of this wealth has been invested in early stage technologies, and they have offered him good profits despite the current economic challenges. In the recent times, the businessman discovered that people who had invested in restaurants and the hospitality department were making some good money, and this is why he decided that he was going to try his luck. Fortunately, his businesses in this forum are doing exceptionally well, and they are slowly changing the lives of the people around him.

If you have to do well in the early state biotechnology department, there are certain areas to consider. An investor must be able to negotiate, draft and even close great deals that will bring profits to an investment. Michael Hagele has all of these qualities. In his impressive career in business, the renowned investor has learned how to deal with customers who came his way, and this is how he has ended up with very good profits. More info can be found at


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Banyan Hill was established in 1998 as The Sovereign Society. The organization rapidly became well known as a leading worldwide resource security and Investment Association, in light of the estimations of confidence and individual sway. The site concentrated on offering its perusers guidance relating to universal venture procedures, setting up and running offshore ledgers, global business partnerships, private establishments alongside tips on keeping up individual and budgetary security. Banyan Hill Publishing, owned by Ian King, is among the developing self-governing companies that offer investment advice, to more than 400,000 every day perusers. They depend on the site’s board of specialists to enable them to distinguish promising venture openings. View to learn more.

A few years later the organization rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing. The main idea was to offer actionable advice from the organization’s system of worldwide specialists in resource insurance, contributing, and business enterprise. These specialists empower Banyan Hills to enable regular Americans to get the opportunity of enriching the lives. Thus allowing individuals to pick their monetary predetermination and developing their wealth without risking.

The company’s name is derived from the banyan tree, the world’s biggest tree according to canopy ranking. The banyan tree is distinctive, its branches develop and supported by bunches of roots stretching outwards to the ground which form a network of trunks. While these trees don’t grow as tall as redwoods or oak trees, their capacity to help themselves with other logs empowers them to survive catastrophic events, for example, tropical storms that can destroy other common or human-made structures along their path.

Banyan Hill Publishing offers unique options for developing and securing your wealth. Through the company financial experts who embrace the exceptionally same procedures, they have utilized to assemble and defend their particular wealth. Banyan Hill’s specialists have played a role as flexible investments directors. They’ve ventured their skills and knowledge to every part of the globe and helped a large number of individuals to pick up control of their budgetary future. These specialists have foundations in the specialized examination, business administration equipping them to furnish you with bits of knowledge that can enable you to achieve your financial goals.

Ian king attended the Lafayette College and graduated with BS. In psychology. Ian King founded his firm Intellicoins that produces unique content to help investors understand the cryptocurrency markets. Ian King also previously worked in Peahi Capital as a trade leader for more than ten years. He began as a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers and later went to work as a Credit Derivate. Read more:


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The Changes The Trabuco Went Through

In life, it can be found that things are popular for a time and season. Once something that is better functioning comes along the item that was once popular is no longer of use to anyone. The pattern continues in many different areas of life. The focus of this article is an ancient war machine that wouldn’t serve purpose amongst the modern weapons that are now available.

The Balancing Trabuco is an ancient siege weapon that was used to distort masonry walls of the enemy. The balancing weapon is noted to have been very big and require a large number of people to operate the machine.


It is known that today weapons only require one person to operate. Some weapons do not require anyone to operate them. The balancing weapon wouldn’t fit in war now. Back then when they were popular, they said to have been built in China and taken to the Middle East according to When the weapon got into the hands of the Arabs, they saw many flaws in the weapon and modified the machine so that it would be more powerful. Once the finished with the changes that they made to the weapon they called it the Hybrid instead of the balancing.

The Arabs eventually took the Trabuco to Europe. When the Europeans saw the potential, the weapon had to aid them in the war they began buying the machines. The Europeans proceeded to use the weapons during the Crusades. The weapon fired four shots per minute which gave them an advantage over their enemies. The stones had the ability to travel. Great distance reaching the people that they had intended to attack. Although the Europeans found great use for the Trabuco, they retired after gunpowder was created and allowed them to do even more damage faster.

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Southridge Capital: Assisting Small Startups

There is a thriving industry in the United States which benefits business people and entrepreneurs alike. The rise of services that provides advisory and structure financial services are becoming in demand, because of the huge number of newcomers who wanted to start their own business. One of the companies offering these services is Southridge Capital. The financial management firm is headquartered in the state of Connecticut, and they are helping small startups, guiding them in the world of business and finance. According to the owners of these startups, the services provided by Southridge Capital is a big help, knowing that their knowledge about the real world of business is somewhat limited.



Southridge Capital is also offering training services to business owners, to provide them with the information that they need to understand, now that they are starting to become entrepreneurs. The company’s dedication to doing their job is evident in the number of previous clients who are stating that they have learned a lot after they underwent the services provided by the Southridge Capital. Because of their nature of small assistance startups, the company has been recognized multiple times by some awards-giving bodies. They are stating that the company is one of the game changers in the industry because they are sacrificing their time and effort to help the business people who are just starting with their companies. You can visit for more info.




Through the years, Southridge Capital has already invested $1.8 billion, supporting small startups and businesses all across the United States. They are happy to know that more Americans wanted to start their own business, and releasing such amount to help the business people is a great way to start raising good entrepreneurs. The contracts that are being provided by Southridge would also help the small startups to earn their money first before paying the financial firm with the debts that they made. The company has been operating for decades, but they keep on showcasing the reasons why they will still be around after a very long time. Southridge Capital was created to become the ultimate choice for business people who are asking for assistance. You can visit their facebook.


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