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The Professional Life of Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is currently one of the most respected individuals in the United States. The businessman has been in the department for a very long time, and he has achieved a lot. Most of his investments are very successful, and this is why he has earned the respect of so many people in the country. Mark Harrison has made his name in cryptocurrency. Many individuals who are close to the investor say that he is a jack of all trades who will do anything to earn some money and earn a living. Apart from being an investor, Daniel Mark Harrison is a blockchain evangelist, author, and respected entrepreneur.

Daniel Mark Harrison family background has played a leading role in his career. The businessman is the descendant of the House of Harrison. The family is considered to be one of the most influential in the United States. This fame is associated with the prestigious money printing business. He is currently based in Singapore.

Over the course of his successful career, Daniel Mark Harrison has managed to start several ventures. Most of these ventures have turned out to be very successful, and this is one of the reasons he has earned so much wealth. His work in culture media, for instance, has been very profitable. Harrison has a rich educational background too. According to his portfolio, Daniel Mark Harrison went for his education at some of the best schools in the world. Some of these institutions include the University of Oxford, the Norwegian Business School, and several others. The knowledge he received from the schools has played a key role in his career.

When growing up, Mark Harrison knew that he wanted to become a businessman. The young entrepreneur worked hard to make his life successful. While in school, he was dedicated, and this helped him to get admission to the best universities in the world. The investor has also invested heavily in the technology department. This is because he understands that without the technology, it is difficult for businesses to become profitable. Most of his investments are currently based in the United States and other countries.

Bottled Water Business Leaders Degradable Plastic

Waiakea Water Experiences Remarkable Rapid Growth

Waiakea water in gearing up to be the first company to have fully degradable plastic bottles for the bottles that contain Waiakea water. This is a big deal because these bottles will be fully degradable in 10-15 years. This is a sharp contrast from the plastic bottles that currently take over 1,000 years to become fully degradable.

This is one of the best things about Waiakea water. It has become the type of company that people are interested in when they want to get connected a brand that of water that promotes a healthy vibe. Not only is Waiakea CEO Ryan Emmons workings towards fully degradable bottles, he is also working towards putting time into developing a relationship with Pump Aid.

This is going to be the thing that gives people access to clean drinking water. There are a lot of people that like the this Waiakea water. They want to be connected to a brand that is helping the community. People in 3rd world countries are getting the chance to get clean drinking water because of Waiakea.

More people are becoming fans of this brand because of socially conscious things that the CEO is doing, but there’s also a love for this brand of water because of the taste. There is a naturally sweet taste that is associated with it, and that has definitely given people a chance to experience bottled water that tastes different from others that are out there. That may be the thing that really makes people appreciate what this company is about. Not only is it a brand that is connected to a socially-conscious platform, it is also a brand that is pleasant to the taste buds.

In a day and time where people are plagued with a plethora of options when it comes to beverages it is going to be pertinent for companies to have strong marketing campaigns. There really has to be something to entices consumers in order for someone to actually purchase bottled water. This is why people are going to be so impressed with what this brand of water offers customers.

Career Path

Todd Lubar And Real Estate In Baltimore, Maryland

Todd Lubar understands the Baltimore real estate trends. He’s been involved in the city’s real estate market for over two decades. He sees Charm City attracting a growing number of young professionals as its rebounds and knows there’s a growing need for quality apartment options. He’s among the group of major developers that are transforming older buildings into hip condos and apartments city dwellers are sure to love. Add Baltimore’s low cost of living and improving and expanding options in public transportation and the city will be friendlier and more attractive to suburban dwellers and the blossoming business community.

Baltimore’s new housing developments feature more amenities than ever before. Plus real estate developers will provide the city’s long-time residents and new young professionals with conveniently located work and play destinations, quality restaurant and luxury shopping options. Yet there are still lots of affordable housing options for families and middle-class residents. With Todd Lubar‘s background in banking and finance he can help real estate buyers and sellers get what they want.

Todd Lubar is president of TDL Ventures. He also has years of experience in real estate sales and according to is one of the nation’s top mortgage originators. Plus he loves helping make people’s real estate dreams become a reality. And he’s very excited about expanding the services he offers in Maryland and volunteering in the community. Lubar is also adept at working with older landmarked properties and turning them in chic, stylish apartment homes and unique commercial locations. His properties are perfect for young millennials that are first time buyers or established families.

A Syracuse University graduate, Lubar’s first job in the real estate industry was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He then moved on to Legacy Financial Group where he quickly became one of the Maryland area’s top producers. Next Lubar became Charter Funding’s senior vice president. For many years he was among the country’s top 25 mortgage originators. In addition to his work in the Maryland real estate industry, Todd Lubar also has his own real estate companies that do both demolition and development. His companies are very successful. Follow Todd Lubar on Twitter.


*Daniel Taub a true leader and professional

Daniel Taub is an Diplomat, International Attorney as well as accomplished Writer. Daniel Taub is currently the Director of Planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation which is located in Jerusalem.

Daniel Taub had held a variety of Political positions throughout his career. In addition, Taub is an expert in International Law. He is particularly knowledgeable in areas of terrorism as well as specific laws pertaining to war. For a time, Daniel Taub was directly involved with the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Mr. Taub served as a chief legal adviser to the Israeli Missions. In addition, Daniel Taub was directly involved with Palestine Peace Negotiations. He also represented the Red Cross Society after the society had been excluded and went into seclusion for over fifty years.

In late 2011, Daniel Taub was appointed Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. After being appointed Ambassador, Taub did encounter much opposition however, it was soon realized that Daniel Taub was an obvious and worthy choice for Ambassador to the Court of Saint James.

Daniel Taub is a well established public speaker. He has been interviewed on a variety of radio as well as Television stations within the US and the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub has appeared on Television programs including Sky-News, CNN as well as the program Hard-Talk.

It seems the public is always interested in hearing what Daniel Taub has to say concerning International law and foreign affairs. Daniel Taub was the first and only Ambassador to be interviewed on BBC Network.

Taub has close ties to the British Jewish Community. Daniel Taub also taught Hebrew and Bible study for a brief period of time. Daniel Taub believes in the importance of the Jewish people being able to re-trace their ancestry through research and investigative study organizations. Daniel Taub strongly supports organizations of this kind.

In 2013, Daniel Taub was honored with the Grassroot Diplomat Award. Taub was given this award for his strong support of start-up companies as well as his support for up and coming business leaders. Daniel Taub is also an advocate and strong supporter of leadership roles within business organizations.

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The Revived Glory of National Steel Car with Gregory Aziz

Businessman Gregory James Aziz came into the possession of National Steel car in 1994 which is a subsidiary of the National Industries Inc. Gregory James Aziz gave new life to the business and expanded it significantly in only five years.

Up to date, National Steel Car is the largest rolling stock manufacturer on the territory of Canada. The company has its base in Hamilton, Ontario. The company was founded back n 1912, and it produced its first railroad freight car about a century ago. The current leader is Gregory James Aziz who acts as the chairman, resident, and the chief executive officer of the large business,

A few investors created national Steel Car, but the leader of the company was Sir John Morison Gibson. The first few years of National Steel Car were extremely prosperous to the pon of surpassing the expectations of the investors. National Steel Car assumed its place among the top three manufacturers of rolling stock immediately. This continued into the 1930s. After that, national Steel Car started falling behind severely as it lacked diversity and that set it back on orders. At some point, the company even began producing bus bodies, motors, and all kinds of other machinery simply so that they could keep their head above the water. Visit This Page for more info.

World War II gave National Steel Car a spurt of orders, and the company returned to their former glory once again although it still had some things to work on. Next, the company was acquired by the business of Dofasco in 1962. By 1990 they stopped working on the firm. Four years later, National Steel Car was purchased by national Industries Inc. which is the ownership of Greg Aziz. When he bought the business, only five hundred people were working there. The company could afford the manufacturing of only 3 500 freight cars annually. Greg J Aziz expanded the workforce to 3 000 employees and the capabilities of the business to 12 500 cars produced annually. National Steel Car is one of the few companies working in rolling stock left in Canada. It has effectively withstood the test of time and all the ups and downs that had come with it.


Gregory J Aziz is actively involved in the field of philanthropy. He values the community of Ontario, and he has set that as a value of National Steel Car as well. The company is a host of a charitable Christmas gala, and it also donates to community events frequently.


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Business Business Leaders Canada CEO Philantrophy Railroad Technology

Gregory Aziz: Transforming the National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is the present chairman, president, and chief executive officer of the National Steel Car, one of the leading rolling stock and railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering companies in the world. The National Steel Car is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, the same place where it was founded more than 100 years ago.

Greg Aziz was born in the city of London, Ontario, Canada and he attended the Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario, where he majored in Economics. He initially joined his family’s food business called Affiliated Foods after he graduated, and in just a couple of years, the company became a global importer, serving fresh foods from South America and Europe. Their family business distributes fresh food to the United States and Canada, earning a profit and pushing their family wealth higher. After his success in helping with their family business, Gregory J Aziz decided to work with financial institutions in the late 1980s. He worked hard for him to save money, and when he heard about the decision of Dofasco to sell out the National Steel Car in 1994, he spoke with them and managed to persuade Dofasco to sell the National Steel Car to him. His primary goal was to transform the deteriorating company back to its former glory and make it one of the largest and leading manufacturers of rolling stocks in North America. Refer to This Page for related information.


Gregory James Aziz retained the employees who are still working with the company. He believes that they have the skills in engineering and have developed a deep relationship with each other, and keeping them is a great investment. At the time when Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car, the company is only making 3,500 rolling stocks per year. During his leadership, this figure rose to 12,500 rolling stocks per year. Because of the increase in the production, Gregory James Aziz also hired employees that will help in the manufacturing of rolling stocks. From the original 600 workers, the company now has more than 3,000 employees.


The National Steel Car keeps on improving, and they are showcasing their engineering and manufacturing excellence to the world. The company is now the leading rolling stock manufacturer in North America, and they keep on developing new designs that can be applied to their products. The National Steel Car is also the sole rolling stock manufacturing company in Canada ever to receive an ISO 9001:2008 certification and they keep on getting recertified every year. They are also honored with different awards because of the excellence and leadership that they are displaying in the industry.

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Business Charity

How the Arizona-based Hispanic Community has benefited from Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is among Arizona’s most appreciated charity organizations. It was established by the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who have always been dedicated to advocating for the freedom and rights of the Hispanic immigrants. They are also executives of Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times.

As journalists, the two individuals published several stories about Joe Arpaio who was a corrupt Maricopa County sheriff. The articles made Arpaio order for an arrest that violated their First Amendment rights.

Jim and Michael went to court, and they were offered $3.75 million by the county government. The money was used in forming the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which has supported many activists across Arizona.

The Justice for Immigrants & Families (JIF) is an organization that was established to ensure that the immigrants who live in Maricopa County can access justice. Arizona currently has more than 325,000 undocumented immigrants. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

For a long time, there has been no organization that is devoted to providing cheap legal services to immigrants who face deportation cases. Many individuals who face such cases have been forced to go through the complicated process without being represented by an attorney. JIF offers direct representation to the immigrants, and it at times refers the cases to pro bono lawyers.

It also ensures that people know their rights by organizing legal consultations, group workshops, orientations, and self-help legal advice. The foundation works with community groups to empower immigrants in different ways. It aims to make sure that immigrants will never face any barriers to economic or social opportunities.

JIF was established by the Phoenix Legal Action Network, which is a team of attorneys who the devoted to taking pro bono cases to protect the rights of the immigrants, racial minorities, women, the LGBTQ individuals, and religious minorities. The network also supports freedom of speech, accountability of the police, voting rights, and criminal justice reforms.

Another major organization that has Lacey and Larkin have supported is the Promise Arizona (Paz). Paz is a Spanish word that means peace. The human rights organization is faith-based, and it was established in 2010 after the passing of SB 1070. The approval of the law led to the hostility on the Hispanic community that lived in Arizona.

Paz and other activists held an anti-SB 1070 prayer vigil at the Phoenix-based state capitol for 103 days. The Arizona law was revoked in court, and Arpaio was tried for making unconstitutional policies. Member of Promise Arizona held demonstrations across Arizona and Washington, D.C.

Petra Falcon, who is the executive director of the organization, was one of the many human right activists who was detained in Washington, D.C in 2013 for organizing street demonstrations to advocate for immigration reforms. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

The organization has made significant accomplishments that include pushing President Obama’s government to have immigration reforms, facilitating civic engagement by coaching young leaders, leading impartial voter registration drives, as well as informing and registering people for the DACA program.

Promise Arizona aims at developing a new generation of leaders who will assist in transforming Arizona into a state that is welcoming to all people. The organization visits different neighborhoods where they hold house meeting to encourage people to dream big.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


Tobias Jaeger

Tobiais Jaeger feels that sometimes we can get very caught up in our own world and therefor will only see the world through our looking glass. He feels that talking to different people keeps things fresh and alive for ideas that usually aren’t ringing in his head. Talking to different sorts of people and putting ourselves in their shoes helps us to see things at a whole new different angle. It also helps to combat challenges that we may face day to day. Challenges may arise but it is how we face the challenges that determine how we will succeed or not. Looking at challenges in different ways can help us to combat life and work our way around different scenarios. Tobias feels that it is best to talk to all sorts of different people to get a real hold on what life can bring. Tobias runs companies and never gives up on his work. Many look up to him because of what he does as an individual. He knows that hard work pays off in the end and he knows how to work around challenges that may come up. Tobias is very skilled with working with people. He even attended Maastricht University at one time that was in the Netherlands. He was able to find hies company called Business associates Europe in the year 2007 while still at school. His company came up with ways to deliver consulting services to companies and this was done by putting together people that were very experienced and had done lots of research to be able to lead companies. Tobias even take a play at gaming and was able to create a poker game called stategos poker. This game helped players get a competitive edge by allowing them to get more practice in get more income. Tobias was a heavy business man that was able to deal with any competition that may have come his way. He was able to keep a cool head and keep his head up growing his company and helping others to learn along the journey. He is very passionate about what he does and feel a drive to use different types of techniques and strategies to better the playing field as a successful business man. Tobias finds it very intriguing on how one can push his limits to be able to be a better person overall and be a better business man and perform at the best possible.


Follow Tobias Jaeger on Facebook.

Advertising Expert

CP+B CEO Lori Senecal Advertises to The Mobile Market

These days, it is important for companies to optimize their content so that it can work with mobile phones. For one thing, it is very common for people of all walks of life to have some kind of mobile access. After all, the majority of phones that are available are smartphones or phones with internet access. Therefore, it is important for advertisement to be able to fit into the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal focuses on the mobile network as well as social media. Lori consults her clients to let them know what they can do about the mobile networks.

Among the things that Lori Senecal suggests to her clients is to analyze everything about their ad campaigns so that they can come up with something that is going to be effective for them. Among the steps people can take when advertising for Facebook or Twitter platforms to work on a combination of displaying visuals that users can relate to and customizing their experience so that they will have personalized advertising. Just these two tips are very effective in gaining customers for the company.

According to Campaign Live, another thing that Lori suggests that her clients take advantage of when it comes to advertising is geo-targeting. For one thing, businesses can advertise to the company based on where they are. For instance, if a customer is close to one of the locations of the business, then they will be reached with an ad on their mobile device.

Lori Senecal is very creative and observant of the market. Therefore, she is able to take on every opportunity that she feels is worthwhile. There is no worthy opportunity for growth and success that flies by under her radar. She looks at it and evaluates the effectiveness and usefulness of it compared to others.


A Gorgeous New Planetarium Is Under Construction At Orange Coast College

The Orange Coast College has received a donation for $1 million for a new planetarium currently under construction. The generous donation was received from Mary McChesney who taught at the school before retiring.

The donation made it possible for the school to have a Foucault pendulum which is capable of demonstrating the rotation of the earth. This will be the only pendulum of this type in Orange County and be an excellent source of scientific studies for the students and the community.

Construction for Orange Coast College’s new planetarium began in 2016. The original planetarium was constructed in the 1950’s and has been torn down to make way for the new one. With all the advancements in technology the college needed something much newer. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The new planetarium will include an auditorium with 129 seats and a Sphere display globe in the exhibit hall. Unfortunately the old planetarium only had seating for approximately 35 visitors.

The cost of the new planetarium is $20 million and it is expected to open its door for the fall semester in 2018. The planetarium will provide a valuable education for students from kindergarten up to the 12th grade as well as the residents of the community.

This is an incredible opportunity for Orange Coast College and the majority of the funding was from a bond measure in 2012. An additional $2.6 million in generous donations have also been received.

The Orange Coast college has a mission to sustain the incredible traditions of the school. They enhance pride in their campus and are extremely proud of their athletes. The college experience they provide has been designed to be well rounded and provide students with a positive and exceptional education. Students are encouraged to participate in the numerous programs offered by the college.

Orange Coast College additionally recruits students from populations that have been seriously under represented. This helps increase the college’s diversity which enhances the educational experience.

The pride and school spirit is increased by the athletes and has a positive effect on the students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Orange College. The athletes represent the college at state and local championships and competitions.