Paul Herdsman Uses His Hobbies To Become A Better Business Leader


Paul Herdsman is a Boca Raton, Florida-based businessman. He co-founded a firm called NICE Global and is currently its chief operating officer. This company operates a call center in Jamaica and has customers across the United States. He earned a bachelor of arts degree at Florida Atlantic University.


He says that the two hobbies he most enjoys are fishing and playing golf. Paul Herdsman says that it is vital to have interests outside of what one does for a living. These hobbies keep him grounded and give him a better perspective. He says that his hobbies contribute to his ability to manage NICE Global’s operations.


He was just five or six years old when he took up fishing as a hobby. Paul Herdsman recalls that he asked his parents if he could get a fishing pole for Christmas and so he found one under the tree. He isn’t sure where this interest in fishing came from but he thinks it was either from a tv show or book he was engaged with at the time. From the first time he threw his fishing line he knew that he would always be passionate about fishing.


Paul Herdsman took up golf when he was a college student. Once he started to play he knew he was hooked to playing this sport. Paul Herdsman really enjoys the challenges of playing golf and it’s the toughest one he has ever engaged in. He says he plays for fun, though, and not to be competitive with others. He says that one of the things he most enjoys about both golf and fishing is that you can do them solo or in a group. He also says that he’s learned a lot from them, such as how to be patient and solve problems. Go Here for more information.





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