PSI-Pay and Western Union Teams Up for Convenient Money Transfers

Money has been one of the most important items for the society. Without money, one could not buy anything. With the introduction of digital money and credit cards in the 20th century, the society’s perception changed. In the present times, one could live in an entire city without money. European cities have already shifted into using the digital money to pay for services, and one could conveniently use their digital money to pay for their bills at restaurants, groceries, shops, and many more. There is also an increasing number of people who are actively using their smartphones for banking purposes, and major banks all over the world are reporting that fewer people are visiting a physical bank for personal transactions. According to one study, 45% of people are actively using their mobile banking applications on their smartphones, and this rate is expected to soar higher. PSI-Pay is one of the most sought-after companies in Europe providing cards that could store digital money, and they have also partnered with other companies to manufacture a ring that would allow contactless payment.


Western Union is aware of the changes that are happening all over the world, and they wanted to stay relevant, so they decided to partner with PSI-Pay to offer a convenient way of transferring money anytime and anywhere. Western Union was established in the mid-19th century, and through the years, the company was hailed as one of the greatest financial institutions in the United States. They expanded their services on a global scale, serving anyone who wanted to have their money transferred. They offered wire transfers which could last up to six days, but their services became irrelevant as more companies started to offer convenient money transfers in an instant.


Western Union tapped PSI-Pay to be their official partner in launching a new payment process that would leave a lasting impact on the public. The company stated that with the help from PSI-Pay, they would allow their clients to send and receive money in an instant. The company believes that if they will step-up their services, they will still become relevant to the public even if the world continues to change rapidly.


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