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The Views of Paul Mampilly on the Necessity of Artificial Intelligence in the Investment Market

Paul Mampilly is among the investors who have made it clear that he is determined to ensure that the Americans get the best investment and wealth management advice regarding their finances. This is evident in the efforts that he put to ensure that all the ordinary citizens that require professional insights for their investment decision-making get it whenever they need it. It was after observing the manner in which the investment companies were treating the ordinary investors with the contempt that Paul Mampilly decided that he would do something to mitigate the challenge. What he did was to quit his job from the Kinetics Asset Management Company where he was employed. He intended to start operating independently such that he could not have limits in g=his assistance for the American people.

One of the ways that Paul Mampilly has managed to help the everyday American is through the publishing of investment advice which he dispenses to the local Americans who for a long tone had been neglected by the investment managers. The investment management experts had concentrated all their efforts towards enriching the wealthy individuals who could afford to pay for the investment management charges to the companies that employed them to do the work. This way, the average American who didn’t have the required amount to pay for the expensive charges were left with nowhere to run to whenever they required to make rational decisions regarding their investments.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly develops market analysis information that he distributes to these individuals using various platforms so that they cannot be left behind. Such platforms include social media, newsletters, and other publications that contain information that is necessary for making sound investment decisions.

In his recent submissions on the Twitter, Paul Mampilly highlighted the importance and significance of artificial intelligence in the management of investment. This included the use of robots in the articulation of customer services and also in the management of operations. Paul highlighted that the future of the investment management industry was heavily dependent on the use of artificial intelligence. Any organization that wishes to cope with the soon coming competition must invest in the artificial intelligence.