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Adam Milstein Points Out Problems Facing Jews And Israelis

Jews are the Chosen People of God. Adam Milstein feels the energy of being one of God’s Chosen People, and uses that energy to fight for their plight. He knows that it is his plight, the plight of his ancestors and the plight of his children and grandchildren. He understands that much of Jewish identity is intertwined with the concept of having a Jewish homeland. On Twitter, Adam Milstein praises those who stand up for Jewish people and Zionists. Adam Milstein also calls out people and institutions who go against the Zionist agenda.

There are many annoyances that get in the way of the flourishing of Jewish/Israeli identity. One annoying thing that acts as an obstacle for figures like Adam Milstein is the fact that some people are haters of Jews. Hate is spewed about Jews through the internet, the existence of various organizations and word of mouth. This is something that chips away at Jewish/Israeli identity and the desire to identify with being Jewish/Israeli. This also makes it harder to be openly Jewish without facing criticism and embarrassment from haters.

Another annoyance is the presence of ultra-Orthodox Jews who are non-productive to Israeli society. These people live in Israel, live off of government-funded welfare and utilize government-funded schooling. However, they put emphasis on studying religion, and do not put enough emphasis on secular subjects. Also, Israel only recognizes one sect of Orthodox Judaism, and the sect is not an ultra-orthodox sect. Ultra-Orthodox people are also anti-Zionist.” This is kind of odd when you consider the fact that they live in Israel and take handouts from the Israeli system. As Ultra-Orthodox Jews multiply in droves, they are gaining more and more say in politics. With all of these facts in mind, it is no wonder that Israel is becoming a more hostile environment for normal Jewish/Israeli people to live in. The views of ultra-Orthodox groups are so extreme that as they multiply and gain more political power, Israel becomes a more alienating place for normal Israelis and Jews.