The Ins And Outs Of French Wine

France produces over 8 million bottles of wine every year. With that said the subject of French wine is still complicated not only to beginners but even experienced connoisseurs. For this reason, the newcomer must take the time to comprehend a few basics about the vintage.

They should first acquaint themselves with the French appellation system. Most wine lovers will want to see the grape variety label on the bottle. French wine is labeled according to the region of origin. The France government requires that the ingredients and wine making practices involved should be included in the name of the wine.

How is a specific region relevant to the result of the wine? Well, factors like soil, altitude, and topography will give the wine a unique character. Other that region, another factor that contributes to nature of wine is the type of grapes used.

There are a few notable areas that the learner should keep in mind when learning about wine in France. These regions are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire.

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