The Making Of A Leader In The Inmate Communication Industry

Securus Technologies prides itself as a leading provider of criminal and civil justice solutions. With the backing of leading industry players and providing solutions that are geared towards safety, we have surpassed our close competitors. In fact we are serving close to 2600 correctional facilities in 45 states. Also, we have our main office in Dallas with additional four regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas, Metro Area.



Securus Goes Head-To-Head with GTL



Securus is now challenging it’s main competitor, GTL to have an independent judge evaluate who has the best and largest product set in terms of sophistication of the mobile telephony. Among the key areas that are to be analyzed include who has the best customer service as well as a sophisticated telephone calling platform. GTL has for a long term boasted of their technology being better than ours but that has to be put to test.



At Securus, we have heavily invested in product development, technologies, and acquisition of companies, which have costed the company over $700 – far from the overall investment made by GTL. GTL was at par with us a few years ago given that we both employed older, less efficient, and primary based systems that were not fully centralized. That said, times have changed and now we own a large product set of valuable services geared towards different correctional facilities.



At Securus Technologies, we have also invested in domestic based call center and GTL outsources most part of its customer service. Additionally, Securus has trained field technicians as opposed to GTL who contracts most part of the work from non-employees who have vested interest in serving the clients.



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