Vijay Eswaran’s Career in Business Inspires Emerging Entrepreneurs

When you think of entrepreneurs, you probably create mental pictures of an individualwearing a suit and holding a briefcase. Well, that is not far from the truth. But, what of the details of what being an entrepreneur entails? All too often, emerging entrepreneurs assume that becoming a successful business professional requires an artistic calling. That is far from the truth. And Vijay Eswaran is here to let these people know that succeeding in business depends of a person’s approach to life. He has even published a book to reiterate his sentiments.

Background Information

Two Minutes from the Abyss is Vijay Eswaran’s way of communicating to entrepreneurs. The book offers insight on how an individual can make it in business. In this book, he says that people often think that life is permanent; but it is not. Therefore, they need to live in the moment since the future is uncertain. Nothing is promised and every moment can be your last on earth. Vijay Eswaran is using his real life scenarios to educate masses on how to improve their lives.

The Message

There is a segment that states the young mink smiled. This statement refers to a segment that changed Eswaran’s life. The young monk says that everyone is two minutes from the abyss anyway. At this moment, Vijay Eswaran realizes that the statement makes sense because there is no time. From when he was a young boy growing up to this moment, it has been clear that life is not permanent. This book echoes the same sentiments and lessons.

Overview of Life and Career

Eswaran grew up in Penang. He is a business professional with vast experience in multilevel marketing. He attended London School of Economics for a degree in economics. Today, he is a revered entrepreneur and a trend setter for young generations.

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